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Paper Dolls: The Classic Craft That Entertains Generations.

It’s Thursday, ‘Miss Mouse’ Isabella is curled around the coffee table in front of me, sporting a new pixie cut and colouring a paper doll. Those classic crafts always seem to be endlessly entertaining. 

Lately, making paper dolls is my kids favourite activity. It has been too hot or too smoky to go outside. The smoke has been blowing in from the B.C. wildfires, which makes me sick, in all ways. My throat gets phlegm-filled and tight, my eyes get itchy and my lungs irritated. Once upon a time, I let a cold get so bad that it was just about to turn into pneumonia. I had a major bronchial infection and now my lungs are weakened. Ah, the arrogance of my twenties. So the house has been shut up tight and the fans on. It makes me emotionally sick to think of those poor people living in the path of the fires, having to evacuate and breathing in the worst air quality in the world. It seems like the world is literally burning. 

So we have been inside, crafting and watching movies, venturing out for small moments at a time. 

For Isabella’s birthday BBQ, we invited the family and she got her hair cut from shoulder-length to a pixie cut, that same day. Her inspiration was Emma Watson, post Harry Potter. Emma Watson is her inspiration for a lot of things: I’m proud, since Emma Watson is a really great role model. As she was colouring today, she kept commenting on how it was nice to have hair that didn’t fall in to her eyes and get in her way. She is really happy with her pixie cut. It suits her, too. I can’t get over how good it looks and how happy it makes her. 

A little before and after.

So now she sits, hair staying out of her eyes, colouring a paper doll. The kids have been obsessed with paper dolls for three days now, because of me. When the kids were bored the other day, I printed out a free colouring page and told them that if they coloured it, we could cut it out. I suggested that we add brads at the joints to make them bend and laminate them to make them strong. Well, one turned into ten and they’re still designing them. They play with them afterward so the entertainment keeps going. I love that the classic games and crafts never go out of style. 

What have you been up to in the last days of summer?


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