“School, Already?”

This is what Hunter said when I said it was time to get ready for school. “First day!” I said, and he replied, 

“School, Already?”

I’ve been warning them for a week that school is on its way but it does feel too soon. This summer flew by and it doesn’t feel like it’s time for the kids to be back. It’s kind of too quiet in here and weird that the house is (almost) empty. (Josh is working from home today). As an INFJ, I crave alone time, so it’s weird but also nice, ya know?

First day outfits and jitters. 

Nature knows that it’s nearly autumn and that it’s time for the kids to go to school. My mom reports that she thinks the hummingbirds in her yard are gone for good and I’ve seen all the animals in the trees fighting over seeds. I even saw a crow in my potted herbs, chomping away! I wish I had gotten a picture- here was this giant black ball of feathers sitting in my small pot of herbs, chewing away on the chives in the corner. It was such a funny and unexpected sight, it took me more than a minute to process it before I shooed him away.

So, I find that crows foraging and hummingbirds leaving is a sure sign the weather is turning. What do you take as a sure sign the seasons are changing from summer to autumn?

(Side note: Isabella loves the word autumn so much that she names all of her toys and story characters Autumn. She also says that, if she has kids, her firstborn will be named Autumn. I love it. )

Even though it feels too soon to be back, both the kids and I were craving a more solid routine! Isabella even started a school project of her own making at home. Halfway through August, she started a report on saber-tooth tigers. She wrote four pages before she quit, which I think is impressive, considering no one asked her to do an essay on them.

My family thrives on routine. All of us are the personality type that loves lists, spreadsheets, routine, and stability. The kids love knowing what to do at each time of the day and kind of flop around in the freedom of summer’s open schedule. I miss them today, but I’m also glad to be back into a work routine that is predictable (for the most part) and is easier to do when left on my own. 

School is packed lunches, new backpacks, routine and new classrooms. I’m excited and nervous to hear how their teachers are: will they be a good fit? My kids either bond or reject. If Isabella doesn’t have an understanding teacher, it is going to be a really long year for all of us! Isabella needs someone that gets that she is highly sensitive, says only half of what she means, and is a perfectionist. Isabella needs to be challenged in school or she becomes bored and judgmental. Fingers crossed, you guys! 

New lunchboxes by Bentgo! 

Speaking of routine, Josh and I are determined to get all of our ducks in a row. (Where did that saying come from? Do you know? Did someone need to line up ducks at one point? WHY?) We have decided we need stability in routine, finances and health. 

For finances, that means helping to stick to a budget. Finances have never been a strong point for us and our parents taught us nothing, so our financial bible is “Worry-Free Money” by Shannon Lee Simmons. Today, I am finalizing some numbers on our budget. Plus, I just read “The Year of Less” by Cait Flanders so I am mentally wrapping my head around not spending any money for a year on unnecessary items, which will help the budget. I did it for my year in Japan, so pretty sure I can do it again! I know I spend when I’m sad or frustrated, but it is painful to confront those reasons and be in the moment instead of hiding your pain behind purchases! I’ll keep you updated, I’m sure. (Both of those books can be found on Amazon and I recommend them for everyone!)

School always feels like a new beginning to me. I think other parents would agree. It feels like the right time to start new workouts, try a new craft or class, or try new recipes. The change in weather helps, as it gets me thinking about what I need to feel comfortable in winter- after all, we are animals, too! 

What does the beginning of school mean to you?

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