What Love Is To Me

I didn’t know what love was until I met Josh. That is corny but totally true. I knew lust, obsession, infatuation, adoration and worship. But real love came with Josh. “Real love” is different for every person in their life and situation, so I can only tell you how it relates to me, personally. So here is how I think of love.

Love is:

  • wanting to see Josh every day, even if it is only to curl up on the couch together for TV time. I look forward to chilling out with Josh every evening.
  • looking over at Josh and being overwhelmed by feelings until I just have to lean over and kiss him or blurt out “I love you” for no reason.
  • wanting to tell that person first when something happens, whether it is a piece of news, something we read or something that happened to us. Josh telling me bits of news we are interested in has opened up new passions to me. I love that, too.
  • wanting to hug and kiss for no reason. Random cuddles is the best.
  • cheering for one another. I always want Josh to win at whatever he is doing. I am his one person cheering team.

Josh enjoying the Cali surf

Love is also:

  • finding joy in their quirks. I have WAY MORE quirky habits than Josh does and he’s very patient with me.
  • honesty. Being honest with each other (nicely) is like holding up a mirror to the other person in the relationship, creating new perspectives and growth.
  • collaboration. I like that Josh and I can work on projects together, sharing ideas until the end result is just right.
  • loving Josh even when I’m annoyed with something or we’re arguing. I think arguing can also be love because you can’t get along 24/7. And Josh and I argue, not fight. We get angry and talk it out until we are okay again. There is no drop down yelling at one another going on.
  • compromise. You are not alone anymore and have to think of the other person’s feelings and preferences. This has been hard for me and caused the most personal growth.
  • trust. No matter who I’m with or what I’m doing, Josh trusts me completely and I trust him. We know that we are together- forever and always.

What is love to you?

Are you in a relationship?

How did you know you were in love?


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