Hunter’s Thoughts On Heaven

Hunter has an interesting theory on heaven. He has thought deeply on the subject since his friend died in Grade One. Since then, his interest in history and mythology has grown. He is at a high reading level and has gobbled up books on both subjects all year. As a result, he has his own ideas on heaven. Lately, he has been comparing his theory on what the Egyptians believed.

Apparently, Egyptians believed that if a feather stayed perfectly balanced on the chest of the deceased, he or she was going to heaven, a perfect utopia version of their lives on Earth. Hunter thinks this is mostly ridiculous. He doesn’t believe in God or the bible. He doesn’t believe in superior beings such as gods and goddesses. So what does he believe?

Hunter believes in Heaven

Just this:

Heaven is a place you go to when you die. There is no one running it. After we die, we don’t have jobs or racist ideas. People don’t fight over money, power or what religion they came from. Since we have no reason to fight or compete there is more harmony. Therefore, we don’t need a God, Goddess, or leader of any sort. We just coexist peacefully. However, it isn’t a utopia. Nothing can be absolutely perfect- instead it is nearly perfect but not quite. “The only way I can describe it,” Hunter said, “Is that it’s a picture that is slightly crooked. A slightly crooked picture hanging on a wall”. Pretty smart, don’t you think?

Heaven is just like our lives on Earth, except there is less fighting, no pain and no death, obviously. “You can’t die in Heaven,” Hunter said and laughed, “Since you’re there because you’re dead already!”

He isn’t sure about reincarnation. Hunter says that he hasn’t thought about that much, but believes that if that is true, you would be able to choose if you come back, become a spirit, or stay in Heaven. (Personally, Hunter has so many memories that didn’t happen and so much fear surrounding fire that I am coming around to the idea that reincarnation exists and that he had a past life. Read Amy Poehler’s book- her kid has had similar experiences!)

I love his explanation. He is an old soul and this proves that he has a lot of deep thoughts going through his mind, even at this young age.

What are your theories on Heaven?

Do your kids have similar deep thoughts?

What do you think of Hunter’s thoughts on the subject? I find them fascinating!


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