Hunter Turned 6 Years Old!

Hunter turned 6 years old on Friday, January 20th. My children turning one year older is not something I take for granted, as I used to. Hunter’s birthday was full of joy tinged with sadness. He mourned the fact that his friend B. couldn’t celebrate with him as she was so excited for his birthday this year. We talked to the moon, where she lives, and we made her an invitation and a goodie bag in case her spirit made the trip. Hunter was able to let those rituals lift his mood a little bit and was able to celebrate with his school friends in style.

I surprised myself by having a boy. I always assumed I would have two girls. Not sure why. Maybe because my side of the family seemed to have families of all boys or all girls. I was so surprised when they said I was having a boy, but I am so happy I have a girl and a boy now. Another surprise is that, oftentimes, when Isabella and Hunter are playing, Isabella is more of a tomboy and rough and tumble, while Hunter can be a lot quieter and a caretaker in the games.

I am so proud of my boy. He is an old soul, seeming much older than his six years in a lot of ways. Hunter will seem lost in thought or deeply absorbed in a task but then will look up and say the most profound things. It’s very interesting and always catches us off-guard.

I am proud of his ability to be intuitive to people’s moods and know what will cheer them up. He is certainly an empathetic person and can be amazingly insightful. He is a good friend.

I am proud of his strength. He is quick to cry but even quicker to dust himself off and just keep going. Hunter has been through alot this year, but has a strong spirit and has not lost his sense of wonder, his humour and his hope.

I am proud of his artistic ability and that he is willing to learn new techniques and is dedicated to practicing.He has amazing focus and ability when he is interested in his task and excited to see the outcome.

I am proud of his sense of humour. He loves to make people laugh. He has this innate comic timing that cannot be taught.

I am proud of his connection to his older sister. They play so well together and he often adjusts the games to suit Izzy’s mood.

I am proud of how special he is; he touches the hearts of everyone he meets in an effortless way. He has a great smile, an easy demeanor, a quick wit, an intelligent mind,  and a heart of gold.

I could go on for days on how proud of Hunter I am for the million and one things that make him unique, but I will stop there. Happy birthday my son!

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