What Kind Of Party Invitation Kid Do You Have?

Does your kid hem and haw when they get a birthday party invitation? Or do they jump at the chance?

I was a jump at the chance kid, until a certain age.

My kids are of the hem and haw variety. They don’t connect with a ton of kids, so when they do and they get a party invitation, it’s a pretty big deal. But there is a lot of considering they go through before accepting. Will it be too loud? Will there be a large crowd? How long is it? Will it be really bright? Does the party include a “scary” activity (like climbing too high or trying a new difficult skill)?

Highly-Sensitive Children and Birthday Parties.

Once they accept, they have new things to worry about. What kind of gift should they get? Will the person like the gift? What happens if they don’t? Will that person not like them anymore?

The day of the birthday party is met with nervous excitement. They go, have fun, and come home crabby, anxious or agitated. It’s always too over-stimulating for them. Always fun, too! They loved the party and had a good time, but it was very people-y for them. I feel like the whole thing was a lot of activity, light and sound for them.

Now, I just plan for it. I know that they will have rapid-fire stories and then meltdowns and then silence. I just try to create a safe space for them and be super patient. And I don’t plan anything for after a party so they can have downtime.

They also give themselves downtime. For the next couple of days, I barely see them. They hide in their room after school, reading or drawing. I love that they feel comfortable enough to regroup and take that time for themselves.

What are your kids like for parties? Do they love them? Are they crabby afterward because of too much cake or too many people?


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