Kid Time vs. Adult Time vs. Izzy Time

Hello! Does anyone else’s life seem busier as soon as Spring hits?? I love Spring….it’s just SO BUSY. Which is good. My life is full of activity and obligations and love. I just wish that I was 3 people right about now, haha. Every time that I am at my most busy, I always feel my most creative and excited. I want to pile on more things…I have to hold myself back sometimes. Like, bullet journaling…I am fascinated! They are similar to the journals I used to make as a teen but a LOT more organized. Do you have a bullet journal? Is it as much work as it looks to set it up?

I have so many things to talk about on here. I have discovered a great new local business, went to a workout retreat and discovered some great new blogs. I want to cover it all here, in time, because I am so excited about all of it! I have also been asked a lot of questions about my time in Japan teaching English. It was eons ago but maybe some of my story can help another generation go there and make a lifetime of memories. It was easily the best thing I have ever done.

But first, time. Yes, time. It flies by, doesn’t it? We all like to reminisce about our times as kids, lazily counting clouds drifting by or spending two hours colouring an entire book. I don’t remember being bored very often. I do remember picking something to do and sticking with it for hours. I would take a colouring book to the sunspot behind the couch and colour until I fell asleep or got hungry. Or I would take a book to my room and read the entire thing in one go. Or I would go outside and make a dozen daisy chains. We didn’t have much money and I was really good at occupying myself.

Now, as an adult, I am always on the go. I have so many chores and business ideas and laundry and friend dates….I look at the clock and 3 days have gone by in a blink! The other day, I swear it was 10 am and then 3 pm in just over two seconds!! They say the older you get the faster time flies. And that is true….

…..unless you are Izzy.

Snapchat filters we always make time for. (heehee)

My sweet 8 year old Isabella lives on adult time. She wakes up every morning with a bunch of things she wants to accomplish that day: from chores to tasks to games to crafts. It is a bit insane. Isabella sees the big picture for everything. If you stomp a ladybug on the ground, that is one less ladybug supporting its eco-system- and so you are slowly destroying the earth and her future children will have to live in environmentally-regulated bubbles. Yep, this is how my daughter has thought of things since she was 6 years old.

When she decided that she wanted to be an author when she grows up, she then put a lot of pressure on herself to do some writing every day. Which would be commendable or hilarious if it didn’t cause her anxiety attacks. I have to repeatedly remind her to chill out and that taking time out to read or colour or just be a kid is not only okay but necessary.

All through Spring break, Isabella would go and play and then come back to look at the time. EVERY time she would exclaim, “Omigosh! HOW!? How has another hour passed ALREADY!!” Then she would list all of the things she still wanted to do that day.  She has always been like that. She often laments that she is “already eight years old” which makes me laugh. She sounds like a 90 year old grandmother that has a ton of regrets when she says it. Ah, my poor little old soul. I often laugh with her when she says it; as soon as she hears her sentence out loud it sounds just as ridiculous to her.

We have fun but it always surprises me that time seems to slip away just as fast for Isabella as it does for me. She really has a handle on how fleeting time is and what she wants to accomplish with it; that makes me a bit proud and I hope I can harness her drive and ambition properly.


Do you know someone like this?

Does the concept of time passing by cause you anxiety attacks?

Share your stories in the comments below! I love to hear them. 


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