Looking Back On Myself as a Formally Judgmental Mom.

I used to be so judgmental. I was judgmental because when I was a new mom, I felt out of my depth and wanted to feel like everyone else was doing it wrong if I felt that way about myself. Sound familiar?

Now, I see a mom walking her kids to school with her pajama pants on and my immediate thought is not,

“Omg, make some effort!”

Now I think,

“Maybe that person has athletic shorts underneath like I do for their workout when they get home,” or, “Maybe those are her comfiest pants,” or, “Maybe that parent was dealing with so many meltdowns or requests they put getting themselves dressed last and it didn’t happen.”


Because, really, I am doing the best I can….as are most parents-and who am I to judge? You never know what is going on behind the public mask people wear and it’s not our business unless they offer it up. Unless I see a mom that is normally dressed to the nines suddenly start shuffling up to school disheveled, in pajamas and unfocused: in this case I would ask if she is okay.

I was formally very judgmental and felt everyone was doing it all wrong but it turns out I was the one who was wrong to judge them, especially if my kids hadn’t gotten to that age range yet.

We need to give each other the personal space to grow and do it our way. Any good parent is always changing and researching and growing and doing their absolute best for their kids.


What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever gotten?

What are some positive interactions with other parents that you are grateful for? 

What online resource do you default to for research, community or advice?


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