5 Fave (Canadian) Netflix Documentaries

I have been doing a lot of crafting for my Etsy shop…..and so while I write up patterns and plan or crochet, I watch Netflix in the background. Not a documentary, but I was watching “Demetri Martin: Live* (*at the time)” and in his comedy special he goes, (I’m trying to remember the exact wording), something like, “Crafts, cuz you can’t just call it “sh*tty art”.” That made me laugh so hard. So, while I work on my “sh*tty art” I watch documentaries. Haha. Here are some of my favourites so far:

  1. The Mask You Live In: This documentary explores what it means to be male or “masculine” in this culture and how we are, unwittingly, creating rape culture with videogames and internet searches. It’s interesting to hear men talk about how they were encouraged to “man up” or “hide their tears” while growing up. Even if you aren’t saying those things and patting yourself on the back for being so sensitive, there is more. I bet if you have a boy you decorated his room differently. This documentary approaches the glaringly obvious way we set boys up to “be boys” and the more subtle ways we are doing it. Boys grow up with a certain idea in mind and put up walls around their feelings – this documentary explores why and what to do to stop the cycle.
  2. Abstract: The Art of Design: This documentary explores different artists and designers and showcases one per episode. Everything from an architect to shoe design to typography is explored. You learn what makes the designer tick and why they are so iconic. It is extremely interesting and inspirational. I loved seeing how many different personalities exist in the varying creative worlds.  It made my own creativity flourish.
  3. India’s Frontier Railways: A series that explores the train system that crosses the borders of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. I originally started watching it because I like trains a lot and thought it would be a family-friendly thing to watch while I folded laundry. I need stuff to watch when the kids are around! I just thought it would be background noise but it is fascinating!! It explores the cultures, past conflicts and present situation. During each episode it focuses on a few stories of the people that are along that train line, or depend on it, and their stories are well-presented and interesting. (For example: Follow along as a Pakistani man and his son travel to India for his son’s eye surgery).  I really like this one and if the kids are around they learn something, too.
  4. Off Camera with Sam Jones:  Sam Jones sits in a studio with two chairs and a small side table between them and interviews celebs and musicians. It is such a relaxed and informal atmosphere that he gets stories out of them you wouldn’t usually hear. Refreshing interviews you can listen to while you work, work out or craft that may give you a new take on your fave artist or introduce you to someone you knew nothing about. So far Dave Grohl and Sarah Silverman have been my favourites.
  5. Minimalism: Two guys, friends with each other, had high-paying, fast-paced, well-paying jobs and hated their lives but couldn’t figure out why. They gave away most of their stuff, wrote a book, and went on tour to tell people to simplify their lives. It isn’t a how-to but inspired me to do the same. It isn’t about getting rid of everything you own. It is more about keeping only what inspires you and not giving in so easily to consumerism. Worth a watch to see what their mindset and philosophy is. Lots of good interviews in this documentary. This documentary is why I am currently reading, “10% Happier” by Dan Harris. Great read!!


Let me know if you check any of these out! Comment below

Are there any other Netflix shows or documentaries I should check out? Let me know. I am almost out of things to watch. 

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