Sometimes all you need to lift your mood is some pretty soap and a hot shower.

Depressed? Internet Mood-Boosters!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I spent part of the day doing some self-love rituals. A package came for me the day before (perfect timing!) of some bath products I was being gifted, so I decided to have a long hot shower and use the bar soap. (I promise to put a full review later of every product, even though she didn’t ask me to, but I did use the soap yesterday and it was divine! It was also the prettiest soap I have ever used in my entire life.)

Alchemy Soap Co. Lavender Swirl Soap

I did my workouts for the day. Afterward, I used a Lush face mask, had my shower, and then put on makeup just for fun. A little self-love for Valentine’s Day!

Which was great and was kind of in preparation for the dreaded task of budgeting. Josh and I have decided we will break our budget in to two parts to reflect the amount of money needed from each cheque. I found out yesterday that my original budget numbers didn’t work great and, with a lot of teeth gnashing and hair pulling, I started to work the numbers again to make them sensible. What an arduous task! I have never been good with money and never had much, so doing numbers is new to me. I took a beginner’s accounting course in University and it is coming in handy. I am currently scheming ways to make more money….haha.

It was no surprise that I was in a bit of a mood by the time everyone came home. Oh, why did I try to budget on Valentine’s Day?! I vented my frustrations on everyone and then we all hugged. It was kind of nice, actually, and not what I expected but more REAL than expectations. After, I felt better and apologized for my mini-meltdown. I made sure I hadn’t dragged everyone’s mood down with mine, and we moved on.

Awkward selfie

After the kids were in bed, Josh and I watched “Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special” on Netflix while we drank wine. The special was worked on with the Lonely Island boys and it was so ridiculous and funny.

This morning, I woke up aware that I still had to tweak our budget. I even researched to see if we could bring our living expenses (aka rent, mainly) down or our earning potential up. There was nothing that stood out, so I have decided I had better make the current numbers work for us more efficiently. Oh, and I had better get crocheting and hope my future Etsy shop makes some cash. (heehee)

As depressing as budgeting is, I figure I can make the numbers work and the internet is full of mood boosters and uplifting stories. I was feeling a little down this morning. I am no stranger to deep depression and always aware of the signs, so I do what I can to get out of the mood naturally. I wasn’t too bad this morning, so I took some time for myself with meditation, then looked up my fave mood-boosting articles and sites on the web.

Since I have problems with my gut health, I like to look up what Dr. Terry Wahls has done to boost hers. I find the fact that she has improved her MS symptoms inspiring! This article on what Terry Wahls eats in a day helps me feel like there is hope for my dietary issues. I feel less like a rowboat on the ocean, if you know what I mean.

Since I hate how big our townhouse is, (the cleaning! the amount of stairs!!) I daydream about downsizing. It helps me see that budgeting is a necessary evil and that, rather than feeling shackled by it, I should see the eventual amount of freedom budgeting will afford us. This morning, to get myself psyched up for it, I re-read the articles I loved on Mindbodygreen. I really like the article on “Why You Should Consider Downsizing…” by a real estate agent. It fires me up to save so we can eventually buy a smaller house. I know that downsizing isn’t for everyone, and I am not trying to preach that you should, but I do get overly excited about the whole idea and dream of doing it someday. Whatever makes you happy, put your money and time there, I say. In fact, some people sell nearly all of their possessions and move to another country (see the article: HERE) and I love that idea….for others, haha…..which means I find those types of articles incredibly inspiring and mood-lifting. I am still in the process of decluttering and waiting for my brain to ‘click’ when I hit the right amount of stuff and the right feel for my home!

However, if I just need a bit of advice on self-love, I always turn to Gala Darling’s website! Anywhere you click will land you on something uplifting, interesting or inspiring. Her website is like looking at candy, which also helps the mood!

If I need more eye-candy, I hop on over to Dallas Clayton’s happy artwork. His life goal is to spread good vibes and a good mood and I wish there were a million more artists like him. Wait, are there? WHO ARE YOU! Let me know, cuz we could use more exposure to your stuff!!

If I need a laugh, The Lonely Island never fails me. They are so talented and I hope they never quit. Obviously, you have already heard of them so I don’t need to say more here. If it is an overcast day, I try to listen to one of their songs to give me a quick laugh. Threw It On The Ground is one of my go-tos.

So there you have it, my internet kit to a better mood!

If you are having a blah day, tell me if you tried going to any of these links and if any worked for you. 

Do you have a different go-to for lifting your mood? I’d love it if you share your idea below so I can try it, too. 

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