I Am Very Busy….

I forgot how fun crafting is!! All of those little steps that most people find SO tedious, I find calming and spark my creativity. Cutting carefully around tiny inside corners is my happy place. I understand it isn’t for everyone but I love it. So today I was very busy….

Today, so much is done by computers and at desks. I wanted to feel soft felt and glue and paint in my hands. I wanted to create something that people could grab and hold that was soft and wonderful. Coming soon to my shop will be something you can use every day and can touch in between typing up reports….you can see one in the picture. 🙂 If they don’t sell, they will be my best Christmas presents ever. I loved the million little steps of making them. Oh, while I was crafting,  I caught up on The Voice episodes that I had taped! My mom and I both watch it and text about it, and …GWEN STEFANI IS BACK. Love her so much.

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