An Etsy Shop of My Own!

Oh my gosh, you guys. I did something kind of frightening for me. I’m also really excited, because I am proud of the products I have done. After years of people encouraging me (I think since Hunter was born), I have finally opened an Etsy shop. You can find it at this link: (CLICK HERE)

BabblingPandaYarns on Etsy

I know a lot of people sell crochet goods on Etsy, but I am hoping I can make mine unique enough to stand out. Hopefully, a lot of people will favourite my shop and it will become more popular. I feel like I am making yarn babies and sending them out for adoption!! I put so much love in to everything I make. It is rather nerve-wracking. Part of that feeling is excitement, I am sure. My friends, my mother and my husband have all encouraged me immensely. My mother was the most persistent and so I finally caved and sold a hat to someone on Instagram! His girlfriend loved it and it gave me the courage I needed to open a full shop. I LOVE crocheting in my free time so I would be doing it anyway.

When I was nine years old, my mom’s mom, my Grandma Daisy Gillespie, taught me how to crochet. When I finished my first few rows, she said, “They are tight but that can be okay. They are unbelievably consistent and even. Great job.” My jaw dropped! She NEVER gave compliments. Grandma Gillespie was very British. Children were to be seen and not heard and, I believe, if one of her own daughters had won the Nobel Prize she would have simply said, “Okay, fine. Now don’t be a show-off.” She wasn’t one to hand out compliments and so when she did you held it to your heart like a rare jewel. Other compliments she gave me are: “You look good in hats. Wear more of them.” and “You make my tea right.” HAHA.

I am hoping my Etsy shop makes us a bit extra so that one day I can have a very small house with a medium size garden. The kids have told me I have to sell “lots and lots of hats and things” so that we can “buy a house, own a hedgehog, go to Cuba again and then maybe Disneyland”. I cannot believe they picked a second trip to Cuba rather than a first trip to Disneyland, but there it is. Isabella really wants to visit Havana for a week. She came alive on the streets of Havana during our day trip there. I could see her buzz with the energy of the city and that she felt instantly at home. I’ve never seen her so relaxed in such a crowded atmosphere. It was fantastic. She would like to spend some time there instead of on a resort and I can see her loving it. But, first, house. And pay back some of our debts completely. My dream is a very small house that takes no time to clean and a little garden so I can grown things to eat in the summer and can in the winter.

My Etsy shop is one way I could help to make ends meet. I wouldn’t make enough if I went back to work- daycare is expensive! Plus, the kids have WAY TOO MANY days off of school lately. I swear they have had so many long weekends it equals to at least a month. They had 3 days off of school the week before last! I can’t afford extra for daycare or babysitting on those days. I would rather work from home.  I hope you check out my shop and recommend it to friends if they need a hat. 🙂 I have so many items I want to expand it to, but I would need to grow more arms. I think next week I will devote to crochet so I can quickly add more items! I have so. many. ideas.!!

If you have any requests for things you want to see in my shop, let me know below. 

Would you like to see PDF files of my patterns as well? Let me know!


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