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Well, we made it to the end of the week! It has been freezing cold here and my kids have been going a little stir crazy. hoar frostI have been distracting them with chores, playing with their new Christmas gifts and movies. Isabella has been watching the blu-ray of Anne of Green Gables that we borrowed from the library. I used to have the VHS of it (just dated myself) and I watched it until I wore it out. I was Anne growing up, from age 8 onwards, once I found my voice. I was so excited for Isabella to see it! I left the room to make supper and so that I didn’t influence her opinion of it. She came into the kitchen, eyes shining, and told me how much she LOVED it. I was so happy to have something from my childhood to share with her.

Speaking of the kitchen, my gut health has been sub-optimal. I seem adverse to more and more food. I am supremely gluten-intolerant….in fact, my doctor thinks I may be Celiac with all of my symptoms, but the only way to test it is to have me eat gluten for 30 days and I can’t afford to do that. If I eat gluten I do not feel “bloated and yucky”; I have flu symptoms, IBS, joint pain and feel extremely fatigued. Sometimes I get a severe headache, flushed skin and a rash. The symptoms can last a few hours or a few days. This is not ideal when you have two tiny humans that need you always, so it is not part of your lifestyle plan to spend all day in the bathroom or in bed.


I found this on Pinterest and it couldn't be more true.

I found this on Pinterest and it couldn’t be more true.

I know that I have to do something, so I am planning to enlist professional help once Josh’s work benefits kick in. On top of gluten, dairy bothers me; as well as bananas, sweet potatoes, onions and apples.

I need help for sure. In the meantime, there are a couple of things that are helping me cope:

  1. I eat no carbs after 4pm. This means I eat anything, including any gluten-free carbs or starches, until suppertime. Supper I try to keep to paleo meals, which means protein and vegetables. I failed last night since we had hotdogs and I had a gluten free bun, but I am trying hard to stay away from starches and carbs after 4 pm since it makes my stomach less gassy and upset. 
  2. I try to work in fermented foods. I love kefir and kombucha and buy kimchi whenever possible. I could be making these things for dimes a serving, so going to try and buy a kit to do these things at home as soon as I can. 
  3. I drink a lot of water and some green tea every day. Flushing out my system seems to help a lot. I add apple cider vinegar in my glass of water before meals and I drink hot lemon water after lunch to aid digestion. I do find it helps me feel less tired after I eat. And I, grudgingly, have cut down on the amount of caffeine I drink.

I have no idea what to do beyond that and I know I should try an elimination diet to “reset the gut” as my doctor face (2)ordered (two years ago now-ugh), but I am going to try that with a professional. With my new crazy workout schedule and my workout retreat coming up in March, I really need to keep eating ALL the foods until then, but I think April is the PERFECT time to do a cleanup of my diet.

Is there anything that you do that helps you with digestion?

Any other gluten-intolerant IBS sufferers out there?

I am considering the Wahls-Protocol Diet. Have you tried it?


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