Rescue a Feline Life This Christmas.

People I befriend instantly hear about one of two things: my kids or my cats.

Thorin was a rescue cat that chose us at the MEOW Foundation. We originally (okay, it was all me) had the idea in mind to adopt an all-black cat. Unfortunately, all of the black cats HATED me. Hissed at me and went right to Josh for petting. Urgh. So we went downstairs and this odd-looking (to us, initially) orange and white spotted cat approached us. He won us over when he let both Josh and I pet him and the kids play with him.  He was soft and adorable. Thorin’s face was beat up when we met him- he was found under a person’s porch in the wintertime, obviously having fought off other cats, hungry, thirsty and lonely. When we took him home, he was friendly but very skittish. He didn’t like when hands come too close to his face unannounced and he hated the smell of alcohol, especially beer. Certain sounds in music made him cower. I suspect he was abused and ran away. The first night we had him, he jumped up on the bed and “held” my hand with his paw, his little furry face tucked up tight against my chin and his skinny body pressed safe against mine.

Thorin, shortly after we took him home.

Now he is a lot calmer. He doesn’t mind the smell of alcohol, if it is an occasional smell (and here it is rare), and he will let me pet his face if I show him my hand is there first. He loves to sit on my lap and watch me crochet. He still sleeps curled up against my chest or at my feet.

He has been the best cat I have ever owned. He will come purr on me if I am sick (purring is said to have healing qualities), his fur is as soft as chinchilla fur, he headbutts your ankles when he is happy to see you, and he ‘talks’ to us in different meows, chirps and roars. Sometimes I could swear he is part tiger and part beagle.

I see Thorin as a gift in our lives, and without us to adopt him he wouldn’t have survived, and without MEOW Foundation to rescue him he wouldn’t have been available to adopt.


The first night we had him, he jumped up on the bed and “held” my hand with his paw, his little furry face tucked up tight against my chin and his skinny body pressed safe against mine. 

To run a non-profit no-kill shelter like the MEOW Foundation, they need donations and volunteers.  What they do isn’t cheap. There are beds needed, food costs, medical costs and comfort costs like toys. One of the best ways to donate is on now! Become a holiday Guardian Angel to a homeless feline in need this Christmas.

Last year, I gave these to all of the people on my Christmas list  that seemed to have everything or were cat-lovers. (Calling all the great-grandmas and grandmas in my life, especially- but, also, all of the nomadic friends with big hearts that just don’t need one more thing to lug around as they travel).

The cost to become a Guardian Angel is $25 per cat which provides shelter and care to a cute homeless cat. You can choose to support any number of cats! With each sponsorship, you have the option to send a festive e-card to a recipient of your choice. Last year, I printed it out and added it into a physical card of my choice and mailed them off that way, since I like having something people can rip open on Christmas day.

Adopt don't shop at the MEOW Foundation. (

Sugar waiting for her Guardian Angel to sponsor her.

On behalf of all the homeless kitties at the MEOW Foundation, thank you for your kindness and support!!!

You can  Sponsor a Cat here:

Some special cats you will want to sponsor are:

Dustin, 8 years old


Dude, what happened to your head? When Dustin first arrived at MEOW his fur and his scalp were full of scars and scratches. Dustin used to be a typical tom cat before he was neutered at MEOW, and he must have been in some terrific scraps and scrapes. Dustin is a lovely affectionate boy and he will be on his best behaviour in your home as a single cat.

You can find Dustin’s full profile here:







Mulder, 4 years old

Mulder, 4 years old

Mulder has the cutest kissy face. He was a stray for a few months and was in surprisingly excellent shape given the fact that he had never been neutered. He is a gentle cat with chubby cheeks and loving eyes.

You can find Mulder’s full profile here:

Shirlee, 3 years old

Sassy Shirlee! Shirlee was a pregnant street cat who was very frightened when she was taken in by her foster family to raise her kittens. Her kittens are now adopted and Shirlee is looking for her very first home. She is a curious cat who likes to watch with her eyes while she is lounging around.

You can find Shirlee’s full profile here:







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