The Meow Foundation Adopt-a-thon: Interviewing Some Very Special Cats.

Thorin in his cat-house


On Saturday, September 17th, I was thrilled to be invited to the Meow Foundation’s new location to interview cats at their Adopt-a-thon. I am a huge cat lover and one of my favourite felines, Thorin, is a rescue from their foundation.



Meow Foundation is no-kill cat rescue center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. An acronym for “Make Each One Wanted”, it was founded in 2000 by 11 people who wanted to save stray or abandoned cats. It is a cage-less environment that allows the cats and kittens to play, stretch out, relax, and really be themselves. I chatted with some of the cats at the “Adopt-a-thon” and it was nice to really get to know them. This time, the “Adopt-a-thon” was held where the ever-growing Meow Foundation will be moving in, and it was nice to see a few of the cats featured. I was invited to the event to get to know a few of these special fur-people! The cats were happy to give me a little bit of their time. I tried to talk to all of them and some even found “fur-ever” homes that same day.

Let’s meet some of these special cats!

Still Looking for Our Forever Homes…. and a Few Success Stories.

As soon as I arrived at the Meow Foundation’s new digs, I couldn’t wait to meet the cats! I was a little nervous, to be honest, but I shouldn’t have been. The first room I visited put me right at ease, once I met its three chill occupants.

1. Boz and Prince-cess


Boz (Siamese) and Prince-cess (Black cat)


When I walked in on the first room I saw Boz and Prince-cess first, snuggling at the base of the cat tree. They seem to have adopted each other and are insistent they not be separated. These two seem the perfect pair for first time cat owners. I didn’t keep these two long, as they wanted to get back to their nap, but chatted with them briefly.

Babbling Panda: You were found abandoned on a farm?

Boz: Yeah, it was a really rough time. We were just kittens, ya know? Prince-cess still can’t talk about it. I begin to go a little nuts, just trying to stay alive and survive that whole mess. We looked after each other and we didn’t trust any of you humans.

BP: Thanks for sharing, that must have been tough. How long were you out there?

B: A few months. Our mom wasn’t around and we just tried to lay low, eat anything we could, and eke by. I wasn’t gonna let anything happen to us.

BP: How many of you were there?

B: A few. Sugar up on that cat tree above us was part of our crew. She is a tough thing, even though she looks like she isn’t. We got picked up and it took us awhile to trust the new humans.

BP: That makes sense. How do you feel about humans now?

B: I’m good now. The shelter we are at is really nice. Prince-cess doesn’t venture too far away from me, as you can see, but she trusts people now and loves to be pet.

BP to Prince-cess: Is that true?

P:  (quietly) Yah, that’s true. I like that people comment on how silky my fur is.

BP: And Boz is okay with you sleeping on him? Is this a regular occurrence?boz-and-prince-cess

P: It is a pretty regular thing. I like how warm he is, and how safe he makes me feel, and he doesn’t seem to mind.

BP: You guys look so comfy. I will let you get back to your nap.

B and P: Thanks.



Sugar resting after cleaning her fur



Babbling Panda: I heard you were found with Boz and Prince-cess. Is that true?

Sugar: Yes, I was.

BP: How did you all come to be at MEOW?

S: After some very tough times, we were found and brought here by someone. I was crazed and delirious with hate and hunger, so I don’t even clearly remember it. I was wary at first, seeing as we were treated so badly in the past, but I got over it.

BP: So you trust people now?

S: I do. I especially love being pet between the ears on the top of my head. Do you want to try?

BP: You’re very soft! It must have been hard keeping yourself healthy out there and your coat nice.

S: It was, and I hate getting too disheveled, you know, but we focused on sugar-busysurvival. I have the longest legs of the clowder….clowder is the name for a group of cats, I bet you didn’t know that….and so I was in charge of chasing after mice and catching our dinner. Now dinner is brought to us and I only have to do that for fun.

BP: Do you feel the need to stay with your….clowder?

S: No. I feel like I would be good on my own. I really just want a fairly quiet house to groom myself and sleep in. Someone to talk to me at the end of the day and put me to sleep with a nice petting session.

BP: Thanks for your time today, Sugar. I will let you rest.

S: Thank you, it was nice to chat.

2. Penn, Teller, and Soko

Penn (front), Teller (middle), and Soko (back) rest in a cuddle puddle after a morning of play.

Penn (front), Teller (middle), and Soko (back) rest in a cuddle puddle after a morning of play.


Babbling Panda: Penn, I hear you have been adopted. Congrats.

Penn: Thanks, dude. It’s great. I’m not sure what the guys are gonna do without me. Hopefully they find great homes soon, too.

BP: Do they rely on you a bit?

P: Sort of. I’m the one that approaches strangers first and makes us known to them. I’m the one who makes us look cool (laughs). Teller is great, though, and I’m sure he will charm the pants off of someone. Soko is cool, he’s just more chill than us two.

BP: Does it feel strange to know you’re going to leave the shelter?

P: I’m happy to be going to a house. It’s a rad concept.

BP: Teller, tell us how you were found.

Teller: Oh man….we were found in a large group of cats, a small commune of kittens really. Our poor mom….the dad ran out on us, as cats do, and she was overwhelmed. She got knocked up again by some drifter. A lot of us raised a fuss until someone found us and started slowly bringing us in. Not enough room for all of us. The humans at the shelter are pretty awesome. I know they have our sis chilling at the other house, but we were brought here to be seen. It’s been a neat but exhausting day so far. The humans keep touching us and remarking on how soft we are but I’m kinda done with all the touching and looking, you hear me? I just want to be brought to a cool house with music and neat vibes and maybe even some kids that like to play with me.

BP: Do you miss being outside?

T: Not really. I love the food here and the cool cat trees and the toys. It’s a nice place to wait to be taken by a family. It’s pretty full here though. I’d like to have a constant house, if that makes sense. Ya know?

BP: I get that. And Soko, how are you getting along? penn-teller-soco-puddle

Soko: I dunno, man. Played out at the moment. (laughs)

BP: What are you looking for in a forever home?

S: I’m torn actually. I am torn between wanting a forever home but not wanting it if it means being separated from Teller. He’s my bro and we are really close. I’d be okay on my own though; I’m not a weakling. Would be nice to have a familiar face around when I go to a new place though and Teller is my buddy. He also makes a very nice pillow….

T: Haha, yah, I do.

S: Haha. So when I picture that place, man, I picture Teller there. I feel like I give off that vibe so people stop from choosing him cuz they see we are a pair and it’s harder to convince humans to take two newbies home (shrugs).

BP: I am sure whatever happens you’ll adapt like you did on the outside, right?

S: Oh yah, man. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and we have been through a lot already. Now we just want to chill with some cool humans in their place and purr.

BP: Good luck to you.

S and T: Thanks, dude.

3. The Kittens: Storm, Bo, Chip, Bambi, Senjin, Curt

Storm Coming:

Storm Coming in his carrier.

Storm Coming in his carrier.

Babbling Panda: I was just talking to a helper here. Your sister got adopted?

Storm: Yah, it sucks. I wanted to be adopted first. I guess I’m lonely and hurt.

BP: How was the ride over here?

S: Terrible. I hate travel. My stomach doesn’t agree with it, and then I get tired, so I just hang out in my carrier.  storm-2

BP: How long have you been with MEOW?

S: These humans that keep me, you mean? I’m not sure. Feels like forever. I should ask someday.

BP: I hope you find a place.

S: I hear from the humans that I have a kind face and velvety fur. I hope that is enough to get me adopted like my sister.

BP: Good luck.


Bambi, having alone time under the cat bed.

Bambi, having alone time under the cat bed.

Babbling Panda: Hi, Can you tell me your name?

Bambi: I’m Bambi. You don’t have any tiny humans with you, do you?

BP: No, I left mine at home with their dad.

B: Oh, that’s good. I just saw a lot of those little humans and they can be very excitable…noisy. I’m okay with them but they can be exhausting and it’s already been a big day.

BP: You came over from the other house today, right?

B: Yes. I was a perfect lady, like Marie in that famous cat movie with all the songs…..

BP: ……Aristocats?

B: Yes. I just went in to that carrier and ended up here. It’s nice to have my cat friends with me here for the time being. Makes this big day easier. I was just trying to get some beauty rest under this bed. Some of the cats, like Chip, that lovable scamp, still want me to play but I need to rest a bit.

BP: Do you remember being rescued?

B: Not really, I was very young.

BP: What are you hoping to see in your new home when you get adopted?

B: Another cat to befriend. I love company! Maybe we could have tea parties together and talk fashion.

BP: Do you like fashion? bambi-chill-2

B: Oh yes. Did you notice my “flare”? (giggles) I’ve heard humans call the little bit of fluff fur behind each ear everything from wings to gills, but it is like I am dressed up all the time. I like to think of them as my unique fashion statement.

BP: I’ll let you rest. Have a good day.

B: Why thank you, darling. Mind giving me a goodbye scratch behind the ear?

BP: Not at all.



Chip, the pirate cat with the heart of gold.

Chip: Oh hey there.

Babbling Panda: Hello. You’re very welcoming.

C: I try to be! I love people. I know that my eye puts some people off, so I try to put them at ease right away.

BP: Did that happen while you were out on the streets?

C: Yah, when I was just a baby.

BP: What brought you to life on the streets?

C: We didn’t have a human and our mom couldn’t keep track of us all, so I was living on the streets until I was brought in here.  I was glad. Life on the streets was a struggle….where is your next meal gonna come from, where you gonna sleep safely, will you get too cold? But I was blessed and brought in here with my sister. She just found a home so I am on my own here, so to speak.

BP: Was it living on the streets that caused you to lose your eye?

C: Yah, sorta. I was brought in here with an eye injury and it just didn’t get any better, no matter what. They asked if they could take it out and I agreed. Better that than pain, any day. I’m okay now. They did a good job.

BP: It looks like it healed perfectly. You’re always winking now.

C: Haha, yeah.

BP: Do you feel like it makes life difficult?

C: Not at all! It was done while I was really young, so I barely remember having two eyes. I’m used to it. It even makes playing more fun….I lose sight of things on that side, so it makes it a more hide-and-seek style of stalking and pouncing. Plus, it makes me laugh when the other kittens sneak attack me. We wrestle a lot and I hold my own.

BP: You’re very optimistic and loving. How do you keep that attitude, considering all the adversity you have faced?

C: I just look at the positive. I could be shivering on the streets somewhere with a hurt eye. Instead, I have all of these humans to keep me safe and fed, plus all of these temporary playmates.

BP: Do you feel hopeful you will be adopted?chip-3

C: Of course. I love to show off my playing ability when humans come to visit! I can do a perfect arch in the air when I jump for a toy. I also love a good cuddle, so I like to rub up against newcomers, to show off my soft fur. Visitors seem to like to chat with me as well. I’m very laid-back so I get along with almost everyone…now I just need to really click with a human. When I find the right human, we will both know and I’ll find my forever place in the world.


Curt, taking a break from socializing, squinting from the flash

Curt, taking a break from socializing.

Babbling Panda: How is your day going?

Curt: Oh, fine. Actually….tiring. I’m afraid I’m not making a very good impression because this has been a tiring day. I do like humans….it isn’t that. It’s just a lot in one day, so taking some time for myself.

BP: How long were you on the streets?

C: Not long. I was rescued with my siblings, but they’re gone now.

BP: Went to homes?

C: Yeah. I’m happy for them.

BP: What do you want in a home?

C: I don’t care how many adult humans or little humans there are there. Once I trust you, I’m good. I like to play so having another cat there to cuddle and play with would be ideal. I like having someone who can relate to me to talk to.

BP: I’ll let you rest.

C: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Senjin and Bo:

Babbling Panda: I hear congratulations are in order; you’ve been adopted!

Senjin and Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah!!

BP: How excited are you?

S: So excited. I haven’t been here long but it’s been a blast. All the kittens here were genuinely happy for us. I can’t wait.

B: I’m excited for the adventure ahead!

4. Karl

Karl, listening intently

Karl, listening intently

Babbling Panda: How old are you?

Karl: I’m just over a year old.

BP: Are you tall for your age?

K: Yeah, I am. I am tall, talkative and my own man.

BP: What happened to bring you here?

K: I was left behind. I had to be loud to be found. Good thing I’m not shy!

BP: What happened next?

K: I was kept for awhile to get used to stuff by some nice humans. They kept me comfortable and let me chat with them. I love a good conversation; I’m a good listener and I love to tell you about my day. The humans let me do that, which I thought was very cool of them. They even introduced me to my new favourite band. They had this music box that talked to me and played music sometimes. It definitely kept me from going crazy when I was getting adjusted to my new surroundings. I would just nap and listen quietly to the amazing sounds.

BP: What is the name of your new favourite band?

K: Led Zeppelin! Huge fan!!

BP: So you want to find an adult human who loves Led Zeppelin then?karl-1

K: Can you hang on a sec, that person out there looks interesting, I gotta go greet them through the window, I’ll be back. What was the question again?

BP: Your future home should have a Led Zeppelin collection?

K: That would be cool! Or maybe love a band like that? A rock music lover would be ideal. I like to have fun. Maybe no tiny humans….they seem too unpredictable.

BP: You don’t like surprises?

K: Not so much. Have you seen Grumpy Old Men? I’m not that bad, but I have a low tolerance for stuff. I like what I like, until I don’t like it anymore. I can’t help it sometimes. I think once I’m settled and feel more calm it will be better. This is such a weird situation. I see a million people a day…..they all have different hands and smells and voices…..stresses a guy out. I just want a pillow to chill on, a person to talk to and some good music blaring out of the speakers. Maybe my new human and me can start a band!

BP: What stresses you out?

K: Being touched for too long. I get overstimulated pretty easily. I need to learn my own limits though, it always surprises me when I’m done with being touched, and I react before thinking – then I feel bad.

BP: What happens?karl-12

K: Sometimes I turn and scratch or bite. I don’t mean to. My own feelings sneak up on me. I approach people and love affection, don’t get me wrong….I just…..where I’m living now is kind of hard to get used to. So much change every day in who is visiting and what other cats are around….I like my routine and I like to bond with one human at a time…I need my space every once in awhile so short petting sessions are easier for me…..I’m trying to get better. I know if I keep this up, I won’t find my rock-music loving, chatty, lovable human to  take me home.

BP: Would you want a cat friend in your new home?

K: I’m kind of a loner. I just want to click with a human or a couple and hang out. That make sense?

BP: Totally. Good luck to you.

K: Thanks! Thanks for the talk.


It was a great day and all of the cats were willing to chat. If you found any of these fur-people interesting, feel free to contact the MEOW Foundation to book a visit. They would be happy to arrange one!

You can also contact them to see the other cats on their adoption list or to inquire about other needs.

Specific MEOW program inquiries can be directed to:
Rescue & Intake
Trap Neuter Return
Spay Neuter Assistance Program
Cat Food Assistance Program


MEOW Foundation

Box 65024, RPO North Hill
Calgary, AB
T2N 4T6

Phone: 403.230.6033

***Disclaimer: All of the cats opinions and comments are from the author’s own perspective. None of the article was co-written or influenced by outside factors. All photos are the author’s own (except header image) and have not been altered or filtered at all, in order to reflect the cat’s true colouring.***







































  • Redkittycat September 21, 2016 at 01:23

    Thank you for this story on MEOW Foundation and the amazing work they do. I met some of the kitties you profiled when I went to the event later in the day. I am so hoping that they all find loving homes. Not to mention the other sweethearts that were not at the event but are also waiting for their furever homes as well.

    • Tianna Wynne September 21, 2016 at 11:05

      I am so hoping that, too. And you are so right- there are a lot of cats not featured here that people can visit and bond with.

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