Capsule Wardrobes

Have you guys heard of Capsule Wardrobes? You must have! The sites touting the benefits of them is everywhere and there is major inspiration all over Pinterest.

I stumbled across the idea of a Capsule Wardrobe on the blog Un-Fancy , and I instantly loved the idea. I started it, but then I got scared of taking my wardrobe in that direction, and I quit. My style now is very teen-inspired-eclectic and I thought I loved it that way. Nowadays? I crave basic staples I could mix-and-match easily and effortlessly. I also want to accessorize more but, with my current wardrobe, everything clashes with each other.

As she says on Unfancy:


I was re-inspired to attempt a capsule wardrobe when I saw the New Age Godard film Breathless recently. Yeah, I’m late watching it but I am so glad my husband saw it at the library and thought I would like to watch it. He knows me so well! Such an enchanting film. It made me long for a French-inspired wardrobe of cute essentials, accessorized with classy scarves and adorable hats. Seems like the jumping off point for a capsule wardrobe, doesn’t it? I thought so too. With a capsule wardrobe you don’t stop shopping entirely- you just shop every 3-4 months and do so mindfully…. with the ultimate vision of your ideal wardrobe. I love that idea! I constantly regret my impulse purchases! Mindful consciously planned purchases sounds divine. Don’t you agree?

Jean-Paul Belmondo & Jean Seberg of Breathless

Jean-Paul Belmondo & Jean Seberg of Breathless


Here are some jumping off points if you are considering a Capsule Wardrobe:

  1. My favourite site of all, Un-Fancy. I also follow her on Instagram and she is an inspiration. Her site offers a free planner to get you started:
  2. Forever Amber, on the other hand, is a recent find. I linked to her site through Pinterest, and instantly loved the easy layout of it:
  3. Classy, yet Trendy seems like a great way to delve deeper into the idea once you are set on it:
  4. But if you’re set on French dressing essentials, then you should hop on over to Shelter, as I have recently, to give yourself an education on how to achieve their timeless looks. I am obsessed with French and Swiss cinema as of late, so later tonight I will be reading more on this blog:

And that’s it! I am not sure if I am ready to bring my wardrobe down to essential pieces but it sure supports my desire to declutter lately!

Have you tried a Capsule Wardrobe?

Would you consider bringing your clothes down to a few essential pieces?

What clothing in your closet is indispensable?

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