Like, Not Love

Anyone who is in a relationship or married needs to ask themselves one question. That question is not “Do I love this person?” but “Do I LIKE them?”

That is the true measure of any relationship. Do you like spending time with that person? Do you have great conversations? Do you like wiling away the hours together in comfortable conversation or comfortable silence?

Not do I love him. Love can be lust, anger, drama as excitement, or can fade too quickly. Many people who love each other can be completely wrong for each other. You HAVE to pair friendship with the spark, in my opinion.

If you like each other you have something that will last forever.  Like and love are intertwined …..and Like lasts longer and is followed by Love.

I was lucky because lust turned in to like turned in to Love which turned in to a lasting Like of friendship and respect and trust and shared goals and similar parenting techniques. These things didn’t matter when I was younger. It was about the spark and the butterflies only. The need to be around that person. It was all Romeo and Juliet and none of the Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Now I know that lust and longing are not everything…or anything.

If you like a person that will last through everything and be a forever love.

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