Building a Wardrobe to be Proud Of.

I got a thrift store dress that I want to wear every day. I love it. I look cute and pin-up and yet I feel as comfortable in it as pajamas. I do not feel all fussy ‘Dressed UP’. You know what I mean. It’s this dress.

The Dress to inspire a wardrobe.

I want to love every piece of clothing in my wardrobe as much as I love this dress. I used to fight myself on what I liked. I am drawn to 50’s style or pin-up style clothing. I love lace and a touch of ribbon. I was always worried I didn’t look ‘Grown Up’. Would people stare for the wrong reasons? Would I look too silly or girly? Would random strangers ask for my info to make me a candidate on What Not To Wear?

Now I stay true to myself. I dress in what I love and it happen to suits me. I make sure to check myself on too much layering or wearing clothes that are too big and would add unnecessary bulk to my curves. Other than that, I just do whatever I want with the rest. Fashion should have few rules.

I don’t spend a ton of money. If you are diligent, you can find second hand clothes that are in great shape and are sometimes top quality brands. There is also the end of season sales that I shop at. Every so often there are a lot of pieces that are considered one season that can be layered with or stripped down so that they can be worn out of their season. You just have to be creative.

My mission now is not to have “Clothes I Wear” but “Outfits I LOVE”. I have found a few things in thrift stores that I am incredibly happy with, and since I am staying true to myself, I have found they all mix and match well. Which means once I build one outfit I have unwittingly created five new ones with stuff I previously bought.

No matter what your size I truly believe you should have a few pieces of clothing that fit you properly and that you feel good in.


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