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My Kids And Music

My kids came out as independent old souls with their own opinions about everything- including music. I feel that I am less their teacher and more their guide through this life. I have asked other kids why they like the music they listen to. They say things like, “Oh I love listening to it because my dad does and we…

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My Favourite Pretty Books

Let’s talk about things that I love. Books. I love books. Last time I wrote about the children’s books that are rocking our world lately. Now it’s my turn! I have so many graphic novels and coffee table books that I adore. Here are the ones  I own that I keep going back to.   1. City of Glass: Douglas…

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What “Winter” by Tori Amos Does to Me

“When you gonna love you as much as I do?”  Winter, Tori Amos. Sitting in my room and listening to Tori Amos makes me reflect on 13-year-old me that discovered her. Her video being featured on late night MuchMusic may have changed my life. Through my tough teenage years I fled to my room. I filled it with things that…

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