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Like, Not Love

Anyone who is in a relationship or married needs to ask themselves one question. That question is not “Do I love this person?” but “Do I LIKE them?” That is the true measure of any relationship. Do you like spending time with that person? Do you have great conversations? Do you like wiling away the hours together in comfortable conversation…

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How to End an Argument with Laughter

This weekend my Husband and I had a misunderstanding. I run, sometimes. I am trying to make it a habit but it’s hard starting a new …well, a lifestyle really. I had intended on going 3 times a week, around my 2 times a week Karate class. I just started so it’s really just ten minutes of prep (dressing, stretching,…

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And Still She Believed in Fairy Tales.

Once upon a time…. there was a little girl growing up in small town Saskatchewan. She grew up watching and believing in fairy tales. Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” was a favourite, as were ballets such as “The Magic Flute”. She daydreamed that someday her prince would come. She was a bit of an awkward child. Small in her preteens; with a…

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