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Building a Wardrobe to be Proud Of.

I got a thrift store dress that I want to wear every day. I love it. I look cute and pin-up and yet I feel as comfortable in it as pajamas. I do not feel all fussy ‘Dressed UP’. You know what I mean. It’s this dress. I want to love every piece of clothing in my wardrobe as much…

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Favourite Book of All Time?

Question #2 from my friend to blog—fave book of all time and why.   This is an extremely hard question to answer. I was one of those kids who always had a book in her face. I mean, always. I would hide under the blankets and read til midnight or 2 am. I would wake up in the mornings and…

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Most Influential Person?

I was asked…. “Most influential person in your world?” Tough question. For many reasons. Fictional or real person? Past or present? This is the kind of question that changes every year. Or day sometimes. I could say for past people it could be my Grandmas on both sides. My Grandma Gillespie taught me to be strong and carry myself with…

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Recommended Article About Bullying

Here is an article about how to deal with conflict as a female. Specifically, girl on girl bullying. It happens a lot and sometimes in ways that are subtle but just as damaging.  Bullying between girls can get nasty and cyber-bullying is a very real threat now. The article mentions bullying through Twitter and why it is way meaner to…

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