Weird Psychic Connection

Let me say this first- I don’t like dill pickle flavour chips. I don’t really like dill pickle flavour anything. I do love dill pickles- but the real thing.

So, today, I was perusing the snack cupboard, trying to decide what to eat. Whenever I’m getting ready to have a snack, I try to imagine the taste of whatever I’m thinking of eating, to see if it fits the flavour profile of what I’m craving. Do you do that? I want to enjoy getting rid of my hunger! Makes sense, right?

As I stood there, trying to figure out what to eat, at around 2 p.m., I was suddenly tasting dill pickle chips. I immediately wanted them so much that I considered going to the store! Which is ridiculous. I don’t really like them and I rarely go for chips, much less dill pickle ones!

When Josh got home, I told him, “Today, I craved dill pickle chips.”

So, Josh replies, “Weird…”

I interrupt with, “I KNOW, I never think of, or want, those. It must be a PMS craving.”

And Josh goes, “I meant, that’s weird ‘cuz at around 2-ish I had some spicy dill pickle chips because that was the only snack in the office kitchen. I never have them because I don’t really like them, but the spicy ones are pretty good.”

The weirdest thing here? Both happened at 2 pm and now I’m more convinced than ever that the two of us have a weird psychic connection.

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