If Hunter and I ruled the world….

If Hunter and I ruled the world, the week would look like this:

Sunday, Second Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

This week has been hard. Lots of pushback and brutal emotional honesty from Hunter. On top of that, a full day of freak-outs and meltdowns. (Knowing the difference between tantrums and meltdowns has been key in changing my parenting style and being effective at managing his moodsj!) Hunter doesn’t seem to trust me this week and seems to believe I have become brain-dead. Apparently, everything I say is stupid and I don’t know what I’m talking about. We’ve had to take lots of mental breaks. I should probably slip in more meditation and story sessions with the CALM App next week. Maybe that would be a better mental health balance for him.

Homeschooling, even the guided HUB homeschooling, has been really difficult!! When people ask me how it’s going, I always say, “It’s hard, yo!” (Not sure why I always sneak the “yo!” in there. Haha.)

Homeschooling is hard, yo!

The upside is that I’m learning all about how Hunter reasons, learns and what his challenges are. So many challenges to teaching him: his low tolerance for frustration, thinking too literally, sensory issues (this can even include how “scratchy” the pencil sounds on paper), getting started on projects, needing to rock, sensory toys not at hand, or the instructions being too “vague”. Not only do I have a larger respect for his past teachers (I love you all!!) but I will now have the tools to advocate for him and to let them know what works best (pre-meltdowns!).

I finally decided to get help and have a caregiver come for every Wednesday and Thursday morning to help him take mental breaks, socialize over a board game and supervise a bit of schoolwork. She’s only here for 2 hours each of those days, but Hunter loves her, is in the “green zone” when she leaves and ready to learn. It’s been amazing for me because I can actually get work done!! Hello, blog, emails, phone calls, bills and piles of laundry! 🙂 Getting all of my stuff out of the way those mornings puts me in the “green zone”, too. 🙂

Are you homeschooling or doing guided homeschooling? How’s it going for your little ones?

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