Eco-Friendly Apartment Hacks

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Summer is here and now is the perfect opportunity to give your apartment an eco-friendly transformation. Making the switch all at once may feel intimidating, but this guide will show you simple modifications and habits to embrace to help out the planet.  

Luckily, these eco-friendly swaps won’t break the bank! There are also so many benefits you gain from creating a more sustainable space such as:

  • You can save money by going green: You may think that going green can be costly. However, if you do it right, it can actually save you more money in the long run! For example, make the effort to reuse more materials in your home or cut electricity costs by switching off those unused electronics.
  • You can embrace the minimalist style: Transforming your apartment into an eco-friendly space can also elevate the look of your space. Embrace a chic minimalist style with simple and natural furniture and bare floors. By refraining from buying too many manufactured products and going more simplistic, you can achieve an airy and non-cluttered space. 
  • A sustainable space is low-maintenance: Say goodbye to that vacuum! Choosing natural furniture and materials for your space will save you cleaning time, be more durable, and will be better for your health in the long run since many of these manufactured products contain harmful chemicals such as VOCs. 

From switching out lightbulbs to adding more plants to your space, you can create an eco-friendly oasis with minimal effort. 

To help you adopt more sustainable habits like the ones above, TurboTenant put together this guide so you can easily transform your space into an eco-friendly apartment. Check out the benefits of being eco-friendly, quick swaps you can make, and a room-by-room eco-friendly checklist in the infographic below.

eco-friendly apartment infographic

Thank you TurboTenant for the helpful graphic

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