Pineapple Clothing Apparel Review

Notice: This post talks about my ambassadorship with Pineapple Clothing, of which I receive a commission, and contains affiliate links. ALL of the opinions are my own brutally honest thoughts.

I was asked to be an ambassador for Pineapple Clothing on Instagram. In fact, it was the first company I decided to jump in with!

Being a huge nerd, I did my due diligence. I researched how to be sure a company is reputable, asked them to explain their terms several times, and scoured reviews. There are so many scammers out there, I wanted to be sure it was okay. Plus, it’s not a decision I take lightly and I don’t want to partner with everyone that asks. After my research, I was satisfied that they were a good company. Once I was sure Pineapple Clothing Company was legit, I decided to go for it.

There were two defining factors that influenced my final decision to become an ambassador for them. One: They answered all my questions- even the repeats and irritatingly detailed ones- promptly and nicely. Two: they told me how the clothing was made. They wrote:

“Our quality is exceptional. We use luxury, eco-friendly fabrics. We offer a wide variety of unique, bold, and vibrant prints, that you won’t find in any clothing line. All our products are original and exclusive, designed and made-to-order at our facility in Miami, Florida, USA.”

From the manager of Pineapple Clothing, USA via Instagram

The fact that the company says they use eco-friendly fabrics is important to me. They make things as they’re ordered, as well, so unsold items and extra fabric aren’t wasted. It’s all made in the USA, so I’m assuming it’s not made in a sweatshop. All of this is very, very , important to me as a consumer. I like to know that there is less waste and things are made responsibly, with fairly paid workers.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, when we’re all to stay at home, I’m happy to be an ambassador with them. I now have a bunch of cute exercise clothing to do my workouts from home. Sometimes my kids even join! Whatever motivates me to get off the couch, I approve of! These days it’s putting on a cute print before I sweat. And gluten-free cookies. But I think they balance out, right?

Here’s why I love them.

Pineapple Clothing management was patient while I chose my first order. (I’ve heard other companies constantly check in with “Have you picked yet? Don’t forget to choose!” and I’ve had one experience that was similar, yuck). Pineapple Clothing just said let them know if I had any questions. They understood it takes time to decide.

I couldn’t decide between a matching “mommy and me” dress or shirt or yoga clothing. In the end, my first order was yoga clothing. When I confirmed my order, they politely told me how to post and all the other particulars. Not demanding, just sharing the information. The message even ended with how excited they were to have a new ambassador and some cute emojis. (A pineapple was one of the emojis, of course!).

I fell in love with most of the prints, but settled on Bali Black Stella print leggings and bra. I’m always nervous about ordering online because, more often than not, I’m in between sizes. Trying to figure out which size to get when you’re two of them, essentially, is hard. Things either arrive too small or a bit too large. Pineapple Clothing’s sizing chart made things super clear. I did end up a bit between sizes. They instructed me to size down or go to the size that I was closer to, if there was one. I sized down since I was slightly closer to small then medium.


When my order arrived, it fit beautifully! I instantly felt beautiful in my new workout clothing…and skinny, despite gaining a bit of weight over winter. I was motivated to workout and pursue yoga again, which helped me shed the weight pretty quickly!


The yoga pants sit up nice and high, keeping my “mom belly” …um, contained?, haha. By “mom belly”, I mean some of the loose skin resulting from pregnancy still exists. Although I would love to say that I have nice tight abs, I don’t. The pants sitting a bit higher made my workout more comfortable! I wasn’t spending my time pulling up my pants, or tucking my love handles in, after Every Single Jumping Jack. (I know you get it, other moms!)


The bra fit nicely as well. I’m a 32D so I’m constantly dealing with chest pain from bouncing after a hard workout. Most choices aren’t supportive enough and cause chest pain… or they’re too supportive, leaving my breasts uncomfortably squished flat! This bra was supportive and did “squish me down some” (I believe that’s the technical term 😉 ), but wasn’t uncomfortable. I was pleased. An option I wish they had: a sports bra with a front or back closure. This is the pull over type. I definitely did have to “peel” it off of me when I was done my workout and sweaty.

My first workout in these was a vigorous HIIT workout (burpees, jumping jacks, etc.) and both the bra and the pants stayed in place! YAY. Both were also breathable and comfortable, too. I workout in my windowless basement with a tiny fan running, so breathable is so important.

I’ve also done yoga in this clothing, which is its intended use, and it works amazing for that, too. Everything stays in place, the material is stretchy and the pants comfortable.

I’m a size 8 in clothing, normally, and ordered a size small for my Pineapple Clothing purchases. Since I’m a small anyone below size 8 would fit in their extra-small quite well- and there are a lot of options for anyone above that range. It seems more size inclusive than some brands.

It’s been a year since I bought my first set from them and they still fit beautifully. The leggings haven’t stretched out of shape, despite my fluctuating shape in the past year: I gained and lost twice over and it didn’t seem to stretch out the pants much at all. Yet, the pants and bra still stay where they’re supposed to during my workouts. The bra has kept its shape completely, still fitting the same since day one.

Since I bought that first pair, I’ve bought: a few more leggings, a couple more bras and a “mommy-and-me” t-shirt set for Isabella and I, and love them all. I don’t know if I could pick a favourite. The only pair I couldn’t recommend is the light pair of yoga pants that Isabella and I bought to match each other. The top is completely see-through and you can 100% see our underwear. All of the others I’ve been completely happy with.

Boho matching tops! Isabella picked them for us.

Just before the pandemic started, I joined Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide App fitness program. I’ve followed her on Instagram for yearsssss and finally decided to join this January. Her app is amazing. The current situation means we all have to stay home. To fight depression and anxiety, I’m using the time to keep up with my workouts. I start the day with a FitBodyGuide workout while wearing my Pineapple Clothing gear. It’s so nice to start the day being active in pretty workout clothes! (Even if I do groan when the alarm goes off. Haha!). Maybe it will help me balance the comfort food I have been eating. 😉

If you’re also working out at home these days, and interested in getting new gear from Pineapple Clothing, use code “TIAMOR” at this link: PINEAPPLE CLOTHING and get 20% off!

Here are pictures of my purchases (so far!). (Click the caption to visit the page we bought it from)-


Mommy and Me matching Boho fringe tops, in a light turquoise, are perfect for summer. We love wearing them. Our cat loves it, too, because she chases the fringe. Heehee. I had to exchange my top for a smaller size and they couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating!

Boho matching tops!


These “mother of dragons” pants were my next purchase! The girl on the one leg has an uncanny resemblance to Daenerys, from GoT. She’s watching her dragons fly around the leg of the pant. I love the matching set so much that I even bought the matching top (not pictured). I feel so fierce wearing this set and the bra is really cute.

The Duchess & Dragons set! Who doesn’t love purple, grey and dragons??

Next up is a combination of two sets. All the bras and pants are separate, so I decided to mix and match.

I combined:


I gasped in delight when I unwrapped this pair. The tattoos are all old sailor style ones on the pants which I love and my son HATES. Haha. He says it looks “gross”. Too bad for him cuz I wear these ones the most. Maybe it’s because I am in LOVE with the gold sheen of them. They reflect the light! And I love the tattoo motif. It looks really good with the star bra, too. I chose a different bra to wear with it because I felt the tattoo bra would be too much of one pattern. Plus, I wanted a more neutral bra to wear with my other workout gear. Seeing the gold sheen in the pants is what motivates me to keep doing those lunges when I want to quit- so sparkly! I feel like a badass in this outfit.

Tattoo print leggings and the Star Map Sports Bra. Not sure if I look mean or fierce but this photo is daughter approved, so here it is!


The very first pair of Pineapple Clothing yoga pants are still going strong! They haven’t stretched out and still stay put, a year later! I’m impressed and the succulents on the bra and bottom of the pants make me smile. At least I can keep THESE plants alive. Here they are a year later:

These cute pants with a plant motif are my original pair and I wear them tons.

Again, I’m wearing a small in both the bra and the pants. If you’re looking for new workout or yoga gear, I hope this post helps! I think working out, yoga and meditation with the Calm App are all keeping my family sane and centred in these extraordinary times.

My sometimes workout partner, making goofy faces with me.
The bra is from the ‘Bali Black’ set.

Stay safe out there and happy exercising!

And, again, here is the discount information:

If you’re also working out at home these days, and interested in getting new gear from Pineapple Clothing, use code “TIAMOR” at this link: PINEAPPLE CLOTHING and get 20% off!



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  • Lisa September 5, 2020 at 13:03

    Awesome, great effort in putting all this together. Really helpful !! Thanks, Lisa

  • Emily March 24, 2022 at 07:28

    Hi there! My name is Emily and I manage my daughter’s IG account. So sorry to bother you with this question, but we were contacted by @pineappleclothingco for my daughter to be a brand ambassador. I saw your post here and I was wondering if they are a legitimate company? My daughter is new to this and I don’t want to set her up with a scammer ? If you have a quick second or give me any feedback on them, I’d really appreciate it! Your post is beautiful btw ? ?‍♀️

    • Tianna Wynne July 17, 2022 at 20:48

      They’re legit with wonderful customer service! The pants have a bit of stretch in them so order true to size or one size smaller. 🙂 Also, in answers to my questions, I believe they buy a certain amount of fabric, make pants to order and take care to have NO excess clothing or fabric gets wasted or thrown out. Being a responsible designer was the main thing that convinced me to try their company & I didn’t regret it. THANK YOU for being a responsible parent <3

  • Joanna Stone April 21, 2023 at 22:27

    I had a horrible experience with them sadly. I wanted to like them and I was even an ambassador like you so I bought 100 pants wholesale to sell for my Barre company. Slowly I learned from customers after one wash that they ripped at the seams. It also happened with my pants. I bought a trial pair from them that didn’t rip so what I realized was that they sold me a cheaper version wholesale. Now I’m the one having to refund my customers and apologize while they refuse to acknowledge me. They actually said that because I didn’t complain soon enough that my “ticket” is closed. I bought these leggings to be slowly released overtime to barre instructors who purchase a membership so I had only at the time of complaint sold about 30. Every person I contacted told me the leggings had ripped. What’s the worst is that their customer service refused to call me or speak with me about it.

    • Tianna Wynne September 5, 2023 at 13:21

      I’ve found that in the last year their customer service went from phenomenal to offhand or almost unhelpful. I feel that there have been some staff changes and-also- I don’t think they were prepared to do bulk orders…..which they should have disclosed! My first leggings were amazing quality. I still have the very first pair and I bought them 3-4 years ago now- they are in amazing condition. I haven’t worn my last order much, so can’t say if their quality changed. I am VERY sad your order didn’t work out and they were rude about it. 🙁


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