The Best Comfort Food and How to Make it Gluten-Free

As a parent, finding the time to both prepare gluten-free dishes for your young ones, and getting them to eat that dish are two huge milestones during an average day. Children are typically apt to eat the brown and gray foods shaped like triangles and dinosaurs over the leafy greens they need to nutritionally balance their energy output (and for mom and dad to keep up with them).  

Kitchen Cabinet Kings set out to find America’s favorite comfort foods and compiled a list of healthy gluten-free alternatives. Use these tasty dupes to keep your kids cheesin’ and your hair its natural color. 

It’s not surprising that pizza topped this food list with a quarter of American’s naming it their favorite comfort food dish. Grab a pre-made cauliflower crust from your local grocer, add some sauce and a few veggies, and get ready for a healthy and gluten-free game night. Your kids won’t know the difference! Bonus points for letting them help prepare the pie.  

Surprisingly, in their comfort food survey, Kitchen Cabinet Kings found that men and women prefer comfort foods for nearly opposite reasons. Men and boys alike prefer to eat comfort food when they’re happy. So when your son has accomplished something and wants to celebrate with a burger, make it protein-style and say hello to a post-game lunch win! 

Your daughter, on the other hand, may crave sugary treats when she’s stressed or worried. Fear not, relentless parent, and keep some cacao energy balls in the pantry to ease her troubled mind. For an extra special treat, grab a cup of fro-yo sans cone. 

Find a few more tasty gluten-free comfort food inspiration for your next rainy day in below:

● Flourless peanut butter cookies: a no-regrets sweet treat.

● Zucchini noodles (zoodles) spaghetti: almost like mom used to make.

● Protein style turkey burger: healthy while getting a BBQ fix.

● Cacao energy balls: tastes like chocolate so they won’t know it’s healthy.

● Pao de Queijo: chewy and cheesy perfection.

● Pumpkin oat pancakes: breakfast is served.

● Spicy coconut shrimp: a GF version of fried chicken to curb the craving.

● Cauliflower tortilla burritos: make a taco bar for family fun.

● Gluten-free pizza cups: bite-sized and delicious.

● Buckwheat crepe: oui, oui want this.

Finding alternatives to those dino chicken nuggets is key to creating a balanced diet for your young ones, and with a little creativity, it’s not difficult to keep these gluten-free treats in your cabinets for those times when your kids, or you, need a pick-me-up.




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