Seven Reasons to Be More Spiritual in 2020

By, Cassie Steele

The year will soon be coming to a close and among the many resolutions you might dream up, why not commit to a life of deeper spirituality? You certainly won’t be alone! As reported by Pew Research, millennials, in particular, are less religious than previous generations but they are just as spiritual. What differs is the way they manifest their need to ‘form part of something larger than themselves’.

In the past, there were few options other than church but, today, younger generations are just as likely to tune into their spiritual side while climbing the Kilimanjaro as they are at a busy CrossFit class!

In case you’re still in doubt, here are seven reasons why it might be time to start ‘reaching for higher ground’!

Spirituality Makes You Happy

Researchers at the London School of Economics found that there is only one community activity that is linked to lasting happiness – and that is being a part of a religious community! It’s true; praying together or taking part in spiritual pursuits among like-minded individuals is more enriching than even altruistic activities like fundraising; according to the study. Being part of a spiritual group enhances social support and helps you feel less lonely in this world.

Spirituality is Everywhere

Harvard professor, Kasper ter Kuille, reminds us that spirituality is easier to achieve than it ever has been-you can foster the sense of union, companionship, and support anywhere. If you feel more connected to your spiritual side with a psychic reading or having your cards read, then do so! These outlets enable you to analyse barriers to your happiness and a way forward. Real psychics won’t just focus on telling you the future. Rather, they will use tools such as cards as symbols of obstacles in your life you  need to change to achieve a more fulfilling life.

Spirituality is Linked to Better Mental Health

Scientists at the University of Missouri-Columbia have found that being spiritual correlates to having better mental health – regardless of which religion you belong to. Researcher, Dan Cohen stated that “With increased spirituality, people reduce their sense of self and feel a greater sense of oneness and connectedness with the rest of the universe.” This is a fantastic feeling to hold when times get tough, since it helps people avoid the despair that comes from feeling lonely and vulnerable. It creates a sense of community, which we can all prosper from.

Spirituality Can Help Battle Stress

Meditation and yoga are two holistic activities that have been found in study after study to help lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. They can also be considered deeply spiritual activities, since they encourage attitudes like tolerance, acceptance, and the recognition of the impermanence of difficult thoughts and emotions. Whether you are a fervent Buddhist or a Christian, Muslim, or Hindu who finds solace in meditating daily, know that your favorite hobby is a powerful way to beat stress-related conditions like anxiety and depression.

Spiritual Getaways can Recharge the Brain

If you are planning a trip soon, make it a spiritual one for optimal effect! Scientists at Thomas Jefferson University found that spiritual, meditative, and religious retreats actually make ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin) available to the brain. The result is better emotional regulation and a happier mood!

Spirituality Can Boost Wellbeing When Someone is Ill

Research shows that people with cancer and other illnesses derive comfort from religious and spiritual experiences. One review paper, published in the journal CANCER, showed that the emotional aspects of spirituality were more associated with good mental health than its behavioral or intellectual side. On the other hand, feeling disconnected from God or one’s spiritual community was associated with greater distress/ poorer emotional wellbeing when patients were ill.

Spirituality is the Key to Kids’ Happiness

Forget toys and games! The key to children’s happiness, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia, is spirituality! The researchers found that following strict religious practices isn’t the key when it comes to putting a smile on your little one’s face. Rather, you should aim to ensure their lives have meaning and value, helping them develop deep quality relations. Therein lie the fundamentals of a rich spiritual life.

There are so many reasons to make spirituality part of your life. Both your physical and mental health can benefit, since the need for connection can provide you with the motivation you need to ‘get physical’ or even head out into the Great Outdoors. Spirituality helps people battle stress but it also fulfils far deeper needs – that of knowing that the human experience is something that connects us all – regardless of our age, race, sex, or life experience.




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