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Renovations in the basement are almost 100%! I love the renovators. They’ve been amazing. Plus, somehow they fit a laundry closet, a common room, storage closets, a bedroom AND a bathroom with a shower in 290 square feet! But….I want our house back. I’m sick of letting other people in and out of our house. The introvert in me is soooo done.


Seeing Hunter’s spa-like bathroom downstairs made me want to renovate the bathroom upstairs.

My grand plan is two sinks, a clawfoot tub, smooth ceilings, and dark gray grout! However, I’m all renovated out! I’ve done so many things to the upstairs while they renovated the downstairs simultaneously that I’m out of energy. It will be nice to live in the space without some kind of construction or painting going on. Lately, I’ve been cleaning by moving paint cans, pieces of sandpaper or boxes of recycling out of the way.

I can’t wait to be settled…..promise there will be TONS of decor photos to follow…soon! What’s the point of all of this hard work and money put in, otherwise? 😉 (I feel that was very poor English and grammar, but I haven’t had enough coffee, yet, and I think my brain is clogged with reno dust).

As promised, here is a sneak peek of the main bathroom! It’s a work in progress, but very quickly becoming my fave room in the house. The double sinks, smooth ceiling and grout work will have to wait. But, here’s the work done so far:

Before, the most basic mirror:

I couldn’t find a decent before picture, but this gives you an idea of the mirror that was in there. This basic mirror was on a beige wall, with the opposite wall painted gray. This mirror had permanent water spots on it that wouldn’t clean!

After we ripped down the big, basic, square mirror that every rental I’ve been in seems to have (sigh), we were faced with this:

The horror! (Haha). Obviously, the glued on mirror left some challenges.

There were some decent gouges that took two spackle fills! TWO. And, you have to love the water drips that were hiding behind the mirror. (Gag).

The Reveal:

Here’s the transformation so far:

What a difference a mirror (or two) makes.

The mirrors are thrift store finds. I love older mirrors! I looked for WEEKS before I found these two.

The reflection of our shower curtain makes me so happy and is one of my fave parts of the bathroom. It was actually the jumping off point for the colours and theme. We have two red walls, above around the door and above the shower wall, not pictured here. They were designed to match the animal glasses! Josh suggested it and, I have to admit, my husband has an eye for design.

Can you spot Alice in Wonderland?

The painted picture has a bit of gold paint in it. I only realized it once I hung the mirrors and their frames brought it out in the painting. It was painted by my kids when they were very very little with their little little fingers.

Why these mirrors work together:

These mirrors both have gold which makes them seem a pair. But it’s the grape, leaf, and floral details that really tie these two together! Even though these were both bought separately, they work together because the details have a similar theme. I was surprised that many people wouldn’t use a mismatched mirror pair in their bathroom. Hopefully, this will encourage you to think outside the box and try it! (Isabella hates it, by the way. She loves to be matchy-matchy and have everything line up beautifully.)

I’m off to window shop bathroom sinks, clawfoot bathtubs, grout paint and daydream about the finished bathroom results….. someday over the rainbow.


Have a wonderful day! And, if you’re also doing renovations, I would love to see them. Tag @babblingpanda on Instagram with your own decor photos and let’s share renovation stories! 🙂




Here’s an old post about our living room…it’s changed A LOT since then, which I will share soon, but it’s fun to look back:

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