We Need a Carbon Tax

Koala bears are “functionally extinct”. Extreme weather has become a norm. Bees are dying. Whether you believe in climate change or not, tangible changes are happening and none of them are good.

(Also, climate change is real. The science is becoming irrefutable.)

Scientists give us 100 years. That means my grandkids could be struggling to find food and that their children could be living in a barren landscape. Species will be dying out in their lifetime and weather will be more unpredictable. We’re not talking generations from now. We’re talking your kid’s kids.

The carbon tax gets a lot of grief for making things “too expensive”. I’d rather budget differently and pay more for certain things now- rather than not have them available at ALL in the very near future.

(When I buy produce at the grocery store, I never used to think- “Bananas don’t grow here, how did they get here? What’s the climate like where they grow? How is what I’m doing affecting the banana availability to me?” I guess it’s like my kids and some housework. Clean, folded laundry just appears like magic. Toilets are magically clean. They don’t question it. They just enjoy it’s appearance in their lives. We take so many things for granted. If we keep abusing our privileges, we won’t have as much to eat, soon. Among other things!)

This quote comes to mind:

We need to stop thinking short-term. Although I don’t agree with a lot of Elon Musk’s practices and principles, he does have it right when he says:

And I agree with this:

We need to start thinking outside the box. Create new ways to get energy with the resources and technology we have today. We need to stop thinking so short-term, because the changes are happening so rapidly that now we only have 100 years or less.

What we do now can have consequences for our great-grandchildren; let’s make it good consequences.

Make small changes that create a world where politicians and leaders have to support a carbon tax because it’s what the people demand before they elect them.




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