How renovations are affecting our daughter's ADHD- and how we're coping.

ADHD & Renovations

Bang! Bang! Bang! Clunk, slam, snap! These are the noises of my life, lately, which makes it harder to work from home. Why?

Because our lives have been turned upside down by something exciting-

basement renovations!

When the workers found out I work from home, they said they would be as quiet as they could, but there is only so much they can do.

(However- I can say that we definitely picked the right company! Everyone has been so accommodating, kept us up to date, and everyone’s friendly. Phew!)

Although I’m the one that’s home during most of the noise, it seems to affect Isabella the most. Her ADHD is so high since the renovations began. She speed talks, speaks compulsively and more constantly, shouts almost everything, is agitated, irritable, and confrontational. She also compulsively organizes whatever she can, no matter where she is. We went to Walmart and she was lining up products on the shelves, making sure the labels all faced the front, and the spacing between was even. Isabella even organized everything in our basket! Large items went on the bottom to the smallest on the top, with all edges lined up and things nicely squared. This is what happens when she feels unsettled.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Isabella’s carefully organized basket.

I was trying to figure it out, since she isn’t around for the noise (or most of it) during the day, and most of the mess is contained downstairs. And then I realized a few things.

More than her home has been different.

First, her routine has been affected. There are some things she can’t do because the workers are here making noise. Or there is stuff in her space because we no longer have the basement to store it. She has been begging me to make a routine that will work for the next three months. I’ve been working to modify chores and scheduled activities to suit the renovation schedule. It, also, may help her deal with all of the things that have found temporary storage in our living room, making it a little crowded. I can’t count how many times she’s commented that it’s bugging her.

Second, the basement was where she used to go when school was hectic or she wanted some quiet time. It was further away from the noise in the house or on the street- plus it was usually clean, away from the chaos her brother creates in their room. (Seriously, you should see the “organized” piles of toys he has everywhere! They each have sides in their shared bedroom, but he doesn’t follow that, at all).

Third, while home should be her organized and uncluttered sanctuary after the “chaos of school” (yup. she’s said that), it isn’t. And while school should be predictable, it hasn’t been. Plus, there is the worry she is feeling. Her teacher is on temporary (and sudden) leave for illness until the end of April, or beyond. She’s still getting used to the substitute teacher and is worried for her regular teacher.

It’s no wonder that she seems more scattered and agitated than normal. Today, she told her substitute she may need different coping techniques than other kids because of her ADHD- advocating for herself! A huge step. Plus, after school she asked to spend some time outside, alone, so that she could read and center herself after school. Another huge step!!

So proud of her.

She is becoming a mature, amazing young lady before my eyes- more every day.

As for me, I try to be a calm, soft-spoken, attentive mom when she is home from school. I try not to check my phone, I speak in gentle whispery tones and give hugs on request for longer than she probably wants. It’s REALLY hard to do, but it seems to help.

What do you do when your kid’s ADHD seems high? (Is high even the right term??)




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