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What the Plants You Own Say About You & Your Home!

*This is a guest post from ProFlowers. Let’s read on to see what our plants say about ourselves and our homes.*

It is a wide-held belief that plants bring light and life into a home, but do you know about the unique vibrations that your favorite houseplant gives off? Plants have unique symbolism that enhances your space and gives a deeper meaning to your living decor.

Plant symbolism is not a new concept as many ancient cultures tied meaning to plants and nature as a way to understand life and explain the unexplainable. In the Victorian era, this practice became an official field of study when floriography (language of flowers) pieces were regularly published. People would give certain plants or flowers to others to say the words that they couldn’t speak.

A lot of the symbolism that we know today is can be traced back to ancient legends and a plant’s role in history. But symbolism is also based on the flower or plant’s appearance, color, care requirements, origin, and any other discernable characteristics. All of these things combined create a great profile of your plant and what it represents and brings to your space.

For example, an air plant represents creativity and freedom. These spunky little plants thrive outside of the soil, making it easy to move them around freely. They are great for plant lovers who live in tight quarters because they can be placed almost anywhere — they only need a small bit of wall or hanging space.

Take a cue from the Victorian era and gift someone a plant that conveys the perfect message — match your plant up with one of these free plant symbolism printables to create a complete and meaningful gift! The printables include quotes that also make great inspirational wall art for your home or office.  

Check out ProFlowers’ plant symbolism guide below to find the plant that best matches you!

What plants do you own and what do they say about you? This is also a great housewarming guide! Share in the comments below. I have a ton of succulents, many of them gifts. After reading this guide, I feel very honoured to own them.




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