What a Psychologist Could Teach You About Your Marriage.

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Relationships are built on trust and sense of security. When you feel the “we’re in this together” comradery, you want to communicate effectively and easily show your love.

A psychologist can help you stay in that zone.

You see-

It doesn’t take much to shake that foundation of trust. All of a sudden, it is a game of wits and holding out on each other. You begin to think that if your partner doesn’t do ‘x’ for you, then you won’t do ‘y’ for them. It becomes a slippery slope. Soon, you don’t feel you can be open and honest with your spouse and don’t want to talk anymore.

At this point, little things they say can be taken too personally and misinterpreted. In the past, you may think, “they’re just tired today” and now you think, “why is my partner being so horrible to me?”


As relationships change, they grow. People change as time moves on and couples can grow closer together or further apart. If the fundamental things that attracted you to each other in the first place still exist, a therapist can help get you back to them, and bring back that feeling of trust.

As Josh and I have grown in our marriage, our perspectives on some things have changed. Thankfully, most of our perspectives on the important things still match. We are ten years in, and I’ve gotten more introverted but Josh has learned to handle social engagements even better. These things compliment each other wonderfully!

But there are still ways in which we can clash. Being married for a long time means there are ways in which each of us feels we are being taken for granted or taken advantage of. I must remember he doesn’t always want to be social and that sometimes it’s good if I challenge my comfort zone and give him a break.

And the little things. If Josh doesn’t take out the garbage or applaud every single thing I do, it isn’t because he doesn’t appreciate me.

Some couples deal with infidelity, secret resentment, or suddenly clashing personalities. Online psychologists can help! If your partner is as invested in the relationship and it’s success as you are, they should be willing to try. You can get a free online consultation to see if it fits you. All you have to do is ask your partner to check out one session with you and explain why it’s important to you that they try. If they try the free session with you, you’re not even risking finances, initially!

When you’re asking your partner to try counseling with you, make it a thing that you are doing together. Build that sense of comradery back a bit before you start (even if it means swallowing a bit of pride). No “you owe me” statements (even if you want to).

I think doing a bit of online counseling could really help! Break down those walls around your heart. Plug in to see what an online counseling session could do for you and get more plugged in to each other’s needs at the same time. Regain can help you try.

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