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The environment is really important to me, so I’ve posted a lot of reusable items in my Etsy shop, Babbling Panda Yarns: Putting my crochet skills to good use!

I am focusing on home items, since I work from home and anything to make my day easier is welcomed!

The favourite item seems to be the reusable makeup pads. I use them to take my makeup off at the end of the day or to apply lotion. Since they’re made of cotton, they get softer every time I use them, which is key for my sensitive skin.

Even though I’ve only used them to wash my face at night, people have suggested them for applying makeup, washable breastfeeding pads, scrubbing sinks or dishes and applying toner! I am loving the creative suggestions from buyers. 🙂



Here is a preview! Click on any image and it will take you to my shop:

[etsy-shop shop_name=”BabblingPandaYarns” section_id=”25069633″]



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