Back To School!

My kids went back to school today. Oddly, because I’m a weird wannabe shut-in and usually value alone time above all else, I miss them. The missing them part is the odd part. During other school breaks, I’ve treasured the time we’ve had together but looked forward to sending them back. It felt too soon this time.

I packed them off to school. It feels strangely quiet. I have all this time to get stuff done now: vacuum the floor without it becoming instantly covered in cracker bits or start work to meet January deadlines. Instead, I just want to lay on the floor (or on the pile of unfinished laundry) listening to music and wait. It feels like a weird limbo.

Do you feel this way the first day the kids go back?

Old me would be rushing around to get things done and get the house back in order. But my kids are a really great age right now. Easy to talk to, fairly self-sufficient, but still young enough to need me. We had fun cracking jokes, sitting around, drawing or writing, and watching cartoons (Disney for Hunter, Studio Ghibli or Marvel movies for Isabella). I kinda miss them today!

How is back to school going for you?

I gotta go, I have something in my eye….

A quick blurry snap during the chaos of the morning.


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