I Grew Magic in My Womb

Although motherhood is hard, and we all like to share the “realness” of it, I thought I would explore the other thing we feel. I’m talking of the awe, wonder and unconditional love for these amazing beings we created. Every day, my kids see and create magic. Since a poem seemed the most natural way to explore these feelings, here is one I wrote:

My son swears the snow

Smells of powdered sugar

While my daughter dawdles behind

Searching for winter elves.

I didn’t know that I was growing magic

In my womb.

I didn’t know that these beings

Could transform life, give fairy sight, make hearts fly.

Together we walk in powdered sugar

Through lands of white, puffy dragons

and skeleton fingers, stripped of their leafy skin.

We are outsmarting witches at every turn,

They’re in the dark windows, stirring brews.

The sun shines

 bits of heaven on the glittered path,

Which is great


It makes sure the vampires won’t get us.

(All of this through secret whispers,

knowledge only for us.)

When the two magical beings

 (I grew these creatures!)

Get on the bus (secretly a magical flying cat)

My whole world has been transformed.

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