How to Keep a Clean & Organized Fridge.

My fridge is a constant source of chaotic misery to me. I suck at keeping it organized! When my family puts things away, they never know where things go, so it quickly slides into a mess where things fall on you as you open the door. So I jumped at the chance to use Simply Self Storage’s guide to fridge cleanliness and organization. Read on for helpful tips!

12 Fridge Organization Hacks

Upper Shelf Organization Hacks

Eat Me First Box: You can designate a box in the fridge for food that’s nearing its expiration date. Bonus points if it’s clear so you can always see what’s in it.

Buy a Lazy Susan: Having a lazy Susan on the top shelf of your fridge is a lifesaver. Say goodbye to reaching to the back of the fridge for that bottle of pesto.

Use Hang Baskets: There are hanging baskets you can buy with suction cups on them on Amazon. They are the perfect size for string cheese!

Lower Shelf Organization Hacks:

Group Like Items: It’s extremely helpful to group like items together in baskets. That way you always know where your herbs, sandwich fixings or smoothie ingredients are.

Use File Organizers: You know the office organizers you put your folders in? They also make great fridge storage! You can put snacks in them for easy access.

Ring Curtain Clips: You can use curtain rings that have clips to hang bagged items from any bars in your fridge. Every fridge is different. If your fridge has grid bars you can use binder clips instead.

Crisper Drawer Hacks:

Have Drawer Dividers: Drawer dividers that you would use for your clothes drawers are also handy for your crisper drawer. It’s so satisfying to see all of the like fruits organized together.

Line Lower Shelves: Prevent food particles from gathering on the lower shelves by putting a paper towel down (or reusable cloth paper towels) first. Change it periodically and you’ll have a much easier time cleaning.

Learn Your Humidity Controls: These are so important to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer. You can learn all about them here!

Fridge Door Hacks:

Label Door Sections: Use each section in your door for a different thing. You can put the condiments in one, dressings in one, specialty items in one… you get the picture. Label them for optimal organization.

Store with Egg Cartons: If you cut an egg carton in half you can use one (or both) of the halves to help bottles stand upside down. This is super helpful when you are nearing the end of the bottle.

Make a Kids Section: You can fill the lower drawer with kids treats and drinks for grab-and-go snacks that they don’t have to disturb you for!

Once you’re all organized, sit back and enjoy your nice clean fridge. If you’d like to see detailed instructions on how to organize your fridge from start to finish you can check out Simply Self Storage’s guide!

Now that the kids are back to school, I’m  ready to tackle projects like this, uninterrupted. Thank you Simply Self Storage for the hacks. Let me know how it goes! 

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