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Whole Food Diary: April 23-27

I was concerned that eating more mindfully would take a long time to make a difference, but changes are happening!! I wake up easier in the morning, my nails are stronger, and my bowel movements are normal. I know it seems like TMI but bowel movements are so important! That’s how we get rid of toxins and how your gut communicates its health to you….so I have learned to stop being grossed-out and to pay attention to them. I also find that I have more energy for workouts and get less light-headed after them. All the wins!

It’s been hard, too. It was hard when it was winter weather because I wanted comfort food in the ways I was used to- chips, gluten-free bread,  chocolate, gluten free cakes,  and heavy meals in restaurants. I wanted to eat dried fruit caked in sugar and gluten-free carbs- or tortilla chips!! I love tortilla chips, especially the extra salty ones.

Now that the sun is out I am craving iced lattes and ice cream so it hasn’t gotten a lot easier. But my sugar cravings have diminished a ton! I have noticed that fruit seems too sweet sometimes- a huge change for me and has proved to me that taste buds do change! I am continually shocked at the adaptability and complexity of the human body.

So here we go- what I ate!

Monday, April 23

Morning: I woke up and made the kid’s lunch quickly so that I would have time to eat! I had a Barre class at 9:30 am so had to eat before I dropped them at the bus. I was going to make eggs but the pan was dirty and I just didn’t feel like it. I am so lazy in the morning. So, Stoked Oats it was! I added a banana on top so it would hold me through the workout.

I was so hungry after my workout but I resisted the call of processed protein bars and ate an apple instead, which was actually just as filling!

Lunch: I had an “ivory teff” wrap by La Tortilla Factory. All of the ingredients I can pronounce so it counts as real food, plus the texture is amazing! I filled it with sweet potato, egg and lettuce and wrapped it up. Yum. On the side, I ate ALL the leftover veggies. I ate the last of the salad, kale and broccoli….pretty random assortment but I didn’t mind.

I made some new chocolate date balls for after workouts or when my blood sugar dips too far and ate one! I couldn’t resist, even though I wasn’t hungry.

Evening: I had a cup of Nabob coffee in the morning and felt gross all day. I have had this problem before but always blamed my overall health- but Nabob seems to give me flu-like symptoms and upset my stomach in a huge way. Every. Damn. Time. I keep forgetting and buying it occasionally. By the time I had to make dinner, I was laying on the couch and clutching my stomach in between trips to the bathroom. Ugh.

Thank goodness we had leftovers! I made a pork roast sandwich for the boys, a plate for Izzy and a pork, rice and salad plate for me. My plate was mostly salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Salad makes me feel better.

I had a banana for dessert and stopped eating for the night. I stopped eating at 7pm and slept better last night- coincidence?? I have been sleeping so badly that my Fitbit app suggested I get a new mattress or pillow! So sleeping well was a great sign that I am on the right track.

Tuesday, April 24

Morning: Stoked Oats, again. I know, I know, but I’m a creature of habit. I chopped up an apple on top and it was DELICIOUS. Oh, and I added some kefir and stirred that in which made it the best thing ever.

The snack bites I made of dates, almond and walnuts were calling me so I ate one of those for a morning snack.

Afternoon: I was suddenly feeling overwhelmed by duties and hunger simultaneously. I had a gluten-free wrap with cold mashed potato, red leaf lettuce and egg inside. Afterward I had a banana and an apple, then another snack bite. I wasn’t hungry anymore- I think I was stress eating. Eating always brings me comfort temporarily. I need to start replacing this habit with other, healthier, ones.

Evening: Dinner was “throw it all in the pot stew”. I found carrots, mushrooms and leftover pork in the fridge. In the cupboard were brown beans, black beans, two cans of tomatoes and a can of corn. I added spices and hoped for the best. It was SO GOOD. I don’t know if I can replicate it! *sob* I think what made it taste so interesting was the mixing of the maple pork with the Turkish Baharat spice I got at Calgary’s The Silk Road Spice Merchant.

I had a second bowl of stew and a wrap before 7pm for a “snack” – which was more like a second meal!! Stress eating. I just let myself feel overwhelmed by responsibility- I should meditate instead but old habits…you know?

Wednesday, April 25

Morning: Guess what I had for breakfast? Hahaha. Yup, Bucking Eh Oats by Stoked Oats. I should seriously get paid by them, I love their oatmeal so much and tell everyone to eat them. I added half of a banana and kefir, with a glass of pomegranate juice.

I did a morning ab workout, so ended up having a chocolate date snack ball as a quick post-workout snack.

Afternoon: I had one wrap left! So I wrapped some cold potato in it, about a tablespoon and rolled it up. I ate that with leftover “Throw it all in the pot stew”.

It didn’t hold me over!! I don’t know why, but I was very hungry all day again. I think it was just being busy, feeling overwhelmed, and the cloudy day outside. Who knows?

I ate another snack ball, an apple and some almonds as a snack with an almond tea latte, made at home.

Evening: We had Parmesan and garlic butter cod, cauliflower and peas with a bit of rice for dinner. Cauliflower made me especially gassy, as usual, sigh. I hate that it makes me so bloated and gassy because I LOVE it. I figure I just eat too much at a time- that would bother anyone.

I came home from my barre class unusually hungry. At 8:30pm, I ate some greek yogurt with hemp hearts with a breakfast muffin to “taste test them”. Haha. And some Sleepytime tea. I don’t feel too full and hope I sleep okay, because the past couple of nights I have slept more soundly if I stop eating at 7pm.

Thursday, April 26

Morning: Breakfast was the walnut banana bread and pomegranate juice. I was so happy that I had made the time to make baked oatmeal.

Afternoon: I was so hungry and hadn’t any leftovers so grabbed a can of British-style beans, some spinach and some arugula. I threw them in a bowl together and ate that. Not glamorous but it hit the spot.

Dinner: Looking ahead, I made a slow cooker balsamic pork roast with spinach salad and carrots so it was ready when the kids and I got home from thrift shopping. Both thrift shopping and supper were a success- Hunter got a new Spring jacket and Isabella got a new summer outfit and we all enjoyed the food afterward.

Friday, April 27

Morning: Same breakfast as yesterday! Good for a busy morning.

Afternoon: I found leftover fish in the fridge, along with cauliflower and pea leftovers. Heat them up and throw them on top of spinach and- voila!- I had a warm salad for lunch. Yum!

Dinner: I found a curry recipe online and it was okay. I had to modify it a lot and eventually got something that tasted alright and spicy enough. When we went to pack it up, Josh said “Ah, there is so much left!” with a bit of despair. We will get through it!!


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