Whole Food Diary April 16-20

How can it be mid-April already!?!?!?

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for two weeks already-And I love that this food diary is keeping me accountable. I hope it isn’t too boring to read. I’ve noticed that eating whole food means my skin is slowly clearing. I still need to do better with drinking enough water during the day to keep my skin acne-free. Also, I’m less bloated and IBS symptoms have reduced.

Real food for the win! It always amazes me how much food plays a factor in how I feel – and then I’m amazed that it amazes me.

When you really think about the wonderful machine that you are and that food is the fuel for it, it seems obvious that it would play a huge factor. I think that’s why I get so mad about “magic diets” and “miracle cures”.

Those “amazing cure-alls” often have a one size fits all approach, but we are all different. Maybe sugar doesn’t affect you, maybe certain veggies do. Maybe you need meat to stop feeling light-headed or maybe being vegan makes you feel your best self.  None of those are wrong or right approaches, in my opinion. You have to do what is best for you and your unique body! However, I do believe that none of us should rely heavily on processed food.  Although I often rely on frozen versions of my fave veggies and fruit, I try to stay away from boxed and pre-made items, since it is chemicals and strange ingredients that keep them fresh for so long. That can’t be good for my poor ailing gut and my gut has been through enough torture, believe me.

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Okay, now that I am off of my soapbox and done ranting, here is what I ate this week!

Monday, April 16

Morning: It sure felt like Monday today! I woke up super hungry and not sure what to eat. In the end, I finished off my Stone Age Oats by Stoked Oats with banana slices and Greek yogurt mixed in. I also made a banana and strawberry smoothie that was shared with the kids- all of us agreed it was a pretty “meh” smoothie.

I had a workout class at Ballet Barre Works which I was super excited about. I love their classes and drove 20 minutes there in a snowstorm just because I look forward to the burn those classes give my muscles and their very amazing and warm instructors. SUCH a great atmosphere at Ballet Barre Works. Of course, afterward I was so hungry and wolfed down a Peanut Butter Larabar in the car.

Afternoon: On days when I move my body to its limit, I just want to eat better. (I’m sure there is a science-y reason for it, but I don’t know it). So at lunchtime I really wanted a salad. I threw some greens in a bowl, added some beans and leftover fish and drizzled olive oil, lemon juice and salt on top. It’s hard to do when you make delectable food, but I forced myself to eat it slowly and chew mindfully.  I’m still shocked when I crave salad- I used to hate the idea.

I ate a quick handful of peanuts as an afternoon snack as I worked, but end up regretting the green tea I drank with it at 3pm because I didn’t sleep well later that night and think the extra caffeine is the cause.

Evening: UGH! I messed up supper by spilling salt in to the veggies!! Our hash-browns and Swiss chard were just on the side of edible. We also had marinated pork chops that Josh had prepped the night before and I almost overcooked them. This is what happens when you try to multitask. Urgh.

I prepped a peanut butter oatmeal bake for breakfast the next day and did some taste-testing as my dessert. It is one of our fave Pinterest finds and super-yummy. Thankfully, I baked that properly and it was a delicious end to the day.

Tuesday, April 17

Morning: MMMMMMMmmmmm…. delicious peanut butter baked oatmeal for breakfast with a half of a grapefruit on the side!

Afternoon: I had a huge salad with a pork chop cut up in it and a few hash browns sprinkled in. Re-purposing leftovers is my favourite! I bought the Mixed Spring Greens package from Co-op for the lettuce and it was great. It didn’t need any dressing.

Greek yogurt with two dates cut into it was my dessert and it was very filling. A very satisfying lunch and I felt great afterward. Lots of energy, no bloating, cramping or unhappy joints.

Evening: Vegetarian chili was the plan, so I took the kids to the store and got the last few ingredients. I grabbed some French bread to serve on the side as a treat for the kids. I used a random internet recipe and tweaked it to suit us. All in all it was good.

After I got home from taking Hunter to gymnastics, I was super hungry! Weird, right? The fiber and protein in chili should last longer, shouldn’t it? Just one of those days, I guess. I ate a piece of Gut Makeover Blueberry Banana Bread  with a bit of butter on top. Normally, it doesn’t bug me but I guess when added with the chili still in my stomach, it was too much food. That’s my guess because I became really bloated afterward and I have eaten it dozens of times with zero bad effect! I should have eaten something lighter, like an apple. Next time!

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Wednesday, April 18

Morning: I ate the Gut Makeover Blueberry Banana Bread for breakfast and it didn’t bother my stomach at all! I also drank a huge glass of water with apple cider vinegar mixed into it.

Afternoon: I had “leftover salad” – I threw leftover sweet potato and pork into a bowl with a bunch of greens, again. It’s a quick lunch that does the trick!

I had a few almonds as a quick snack between cleaning things and taking photos for the blog- I am getting better at keeping my snacks snack-size and healthy.

Evening: I made one of our faves, “Strangely Good Stir-Fry”, but substituted baby corn for the mushrooms. As usual, it was a strange mix of vegetables, but really good.

However, rice noodles and vegetables don’t seem to stick to me and I was VERY  hungry after my barre class. I ate a Larabar (does that count as processed?) and three carrots with some hummus. It did the trick and my stomach didn’t feel like it was eating itself.

Thursday, April 19

Morning: I had more Gut Makeover Banana Blueberry Bread and a mango, banana and almond milk smoothie with it. It wasn’t enough and I had a Chocolate Date Ball at around 10:30 am.

Some days I’m more genuinely hungry than other days- rather than just wanting to snack out of habit. Do you find that, too? Maybe it was because I was cleaning the house.

Afternoon: I had leftover stir-fry! So good. I think leftovers are fantastic. Don’t you agree? I find that the flavours get better overnight with most dishes.

Nut bread and jam made an amazing afternoon snack.

Evening: I was so busy all day that it was leftovers to the rescue again- chili made into chili fries. So quick and felt like fast-food.

Barre class kicked my butt! I had a quick snack after- just a Chocolate Date Ball and three carrots with a little bit of hummus, while we watched Ozark on Netflix. Is anyone watching that? I’m still on the fence about it.

I think I followed my self-imposed “rules” fairly well so far this week- whole, real food made by myself.

Friday, April 20

Happy 4-20! Heeheehee.

Morning: I am so boring! Or a creature of habit? I had banana nut bread and a smoothie- again!

My morning snack was one Chocolate Date Ball and I was okay to wait until lunch again, without getting “hangry”.

Afternoon: I had leftover Spiced Smashed Sweet Potato so I heated it up, laid it on a bed of spinach and topped it with a few chopped walnuts. I know it sounds weird, but it was delicious!!

The kids are off school today, so we shared the rest of the Chocolate Date Balls. They shared the rest of the Doritos that were STILL leftover from our Easter road trip as well. I was good and rounded out my snack with half of a banana and a handful of peanuts. We had spent some time in the backyard, cleaning it up for gardening season, and we were famished!

Is anyone else in Calgary and excited that Spring has finally sprung? Because we sure are- our moods have lifted and we are like brand new people over here!


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