April Eating Challenge: 10 Food Guidelines

Food! Eating! As human animals, we can’t escape it. My mom always jokes that she wishes that we could just take a pill every day, instead of thinking of meals three times a day.

I like food, especially comfort food on long days or during bad weather and there has been a lot of that lately. We are coming out of a winter funk- out of hibernation, maybe? But, I am ready to feel healthier and eat better. Longer days give me a sunnier disposition.

Since I am feeling more optimistic lately, I thought it was time for an April Eating Challenge.

We got this! >www.babblingpanda.com<

This winter has been so hard on so many of us! My social media and email is full of people sharing stories of depression and anxiety they have been dealing with; often with the disclaimer that “this is so weird” for them and out of character. I don’t know where you are, but here in Canada it has been wet, stormy, snowy and cold. Roads have been hard to navigate, whether you are walking or driving, so many of us have spent far too many nights at home alone with our thoughts. Our stormy, snowy, dark thoughts.

My skin is terrible too! I’m gassy, bloated, moody and just generally super-fun to be around lately. My poor husband. I know what works, I’ve done it in the past. I also know what doesn’t work- I’ve done that as well.

Now, this is my own (very public) experiment. If you wish to go on this crazy ride with me, let’s do this. Mark your calendars for April 2nd, because Monday seems like a good day to start. I’m gonna write “You Got This!” on my calendar!

It is not a tested plan. You are my test group along with me. We can do this. I want to change my skin and my approach to eating; to feel good after meals, sharper in the mornings, and less bloated.

The ten food guidelines I plan to use are:

Eat Healthy Real Food. Be Happy.

  1. Lots of water!
  2. Substitute coffee with fave herbal tea (mine is Rooibos) for first week. Limit coffee to one cup per day for last two weeks
  3. No added sugar
  4. No processed food
  5. Eat as many veggies, fruit and (humanely-raised and butchered) meat as you want
  6. No dairy except kefir and plain yogurt
  7. Limit condiments to mustard, butter, and homemade mayo
  8. Limit starches
  9. No evening snacking to give digestion a break between meals
  10. Moderate exercise


If you would like a more detailed food guidelines list, check out this FREE PRINTABLE.


That’s it! I know it seems a little restrictive, but I really want to pull back bad habits and reset. I want to love food again and not feel bloated and awful after meals.

I’m going to try this for one month and see if I can pin down what food fuels me and what food drags me down. I’ll share the journey here every Saturday and on Instagram whenever I get the chance. Join me if you like! I would love the company. Let me know if it works, is horrible or too restrictive. Hopefully it will be easy, energizing and make us happy.

Who is ready to reset their eating and feel healthy again? Let me know if you’re joining this journey below!



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  • Isabel April 9, 2018 at 13:53

    I’m IN! I’m going to stay off coffee and have matcha and herbal tea instead. No added/refined sugars. Limit my carbs and go for more healthy fats instead – salmon, nuts, avocado, etc. – and when I do eat carbs only going for complex whole grains. No processed foods. No dairy. Starting today for the next four week! We got this!

    • Tianna Wynne April 9, 2018 at 14:46

      Hurray! I’m more dedicated this week than last and think I will do an extra week to go the whole four weeks WITH you.

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