How I Stay Motivated To Workout.

What motivates me to workout is not what you think. Yeah, I want more energy and I want to look good in clothing…but those two things don’t keep me motivated long-term. They should. But they don’t. If I rely on that, well, I find myself on the couch, eating gluten-free snacks and crocheting instead of going downstairs to lift weights or ride the exercise bike! I also don’t feel inspired by all of the young, fit, twenty-year-old role models flooding IG, since some of their bodies seem perpetually out of reach for me.

The biggest motivator for me is seeing actresses and actors that have been fit all their lives. I’m looking at you, Jane Fonda and Sylvester Stallone:



Jane Fonda, at 80 years old, walking the Oscar red carpet. Looking fabulous!



Sylvester Stallone, age 71, walking down the street.


When I am 70 or 80 years old, I want to be as able-bodied and independent!! They look like people I know who are 50 or 60 years old, at most. These two look like they feel incredible!

My mom works at a nursing home where people of 70 years old are shells of themselves, with walkers and oxygen tanks. When I visited, they all told me to take advantage of my young and able body, because they didn’t, and they all regretted not being more active.

I would much rather be as healthy and capable as Sylvester Stallone and Jane Fonda!! Just guessing, but I believe their only “secret” to growing old healthfully is: eating well, workouts, and staying active in body and mind (Think they will ever retire? I hope not!). They are huge role models, health-wise, and I see why now: growing old is a privilege and I want to do it as gracefully as they are. In fact, I think of them every time I want to bail on a workout.

What motivates you to workout? 

Do you have healthy role models?

Who is your “fitspiration”? 

Share in the comments below!


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