I Have a Smell.

This goofball is my heart outside of my chest. Her and my son are my everything. She is my little firecracker: my small, resourceful, highly empathetic and sensitive girl.

So I was not surprised, nor offended, when she said this little gem the other day:

“Mom. Your skin has a smell. Actually, everyone’s skin has a smell. Not their armpits, but the whole thing. I sometimes choose friends based on that subtle* smell, cuz if I don’t like their smell, it is hard to be around them. It is a lot stronger in the morning than in the afternoon. And Mom, no offense….but I don’t like your morning smell. No offense. I love you. I am not saying that. But you have a strong skin smell in the morning that I don’t love”.

*(Her word. It was in one of the novels she read and, ever since I explained what it means, she uses it in sentences (correctly!) a lot).

Omigosh! Have you ever heard a kid say this? I even asked her if it was body odour and had her smell my armpits! It was such a weird situation….. It was one of the weirder conversations I have had with her. It wasn’t my armpits, by the way. When she smelled my forearm, she said, “oh there it is”, so she literally meant our skin as a whole….

I know she is highly sensitive to smell but didn’t realize she is part puppy. Haha.

I would love to hear comments and responses to this! 


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