Almost Two Months Since We Moved.

It has been almost two months since we moved from the other side of the city. I didn’t think it would feel very different, but it has, and that has shocked all of us.

It is different in a lot of good ways. Our street is quieter, for one. Before, we lived on a very major road that everyone seemed to use for commuting. We were just off a highway, so cars would forget to slow down and would roar through our street, forgetting to look for kids, despite the fact that we lived four blocks away from a school. Now, we live off a quieter street and our place is tucked away, so people have to turn and slow down before they reach our house. Weirdly, we used to be a ten minute drive from the airport and we barely ever heard or saw planes. Now, we live about a 40 minute drive from the airport and we hear planes all of the time because we are under their flight paths. It isn’t that loud and doesn’t bother us- in fact, Isabella and Hunter love watching them- but I found that kind of amusing.

Creeping in the shadows in front of our house.


Boxes on the hillside….


We have good neighbours here. In our old complex, our neighbours were loud, raucous, and could be rude. It depended on what day you caught them on- either lambs or lions. Parties were not uncommon and we had to call the police a few times because of noise or violence on weekends. A lot of that stemmed from the fact that we were by apartments that housed a bunch of twenty year olds who worked full time during the week but partied full time on the weekends. It wasn’t completely terrible, but it wasn’t ideal. Plus, our neighbours were all renters and there was a lot of change, so as soon as you felt like you knew them, they moved away. We are by more owners now, so I feel like we have years, instead of months, to get to know and live by our neighbours. Also a good thing.

Our new neighbourhood.

There are more shops and parks nearby. This one is important because we have one car and most days Josh has it at his work. I walk everywhere and it is nice to be able to walk five minutes, instead of twenty, to grab supplies or to take the kids to the park when the weather is nice.

Shops are nearby.

But moving has been hard on the kids. It’s incredibly different here- from the shops to the layout of the streets to the general vibe- and it has taken some adjustment. Hunter is especially sensitive some days. He misses his old room, his old school and even Thorin, who was adopted just before we moved. (I don’t think our cat, Kali, misses Thorin at all. She loves being Queen Cat here). He has had some good crying jags and those have led in to some heart to heart chats between us. Since moving, I have realized how sensitive and shy Isabella is. She fights me on going to school every Monday, unsure of who to play with and if she will still feel that she fits in with her classmates. It will come. I think about once a week she freaks out and has an outburst about something seemingly unrelated, but I’m on to her and realize her outburst is about still feeling displaced. I can usually calm her down with a hug. This move has taught me that Hunter’s go-to is becoming moody and then crying, while Isabella always goes straight to anger. It’s a good thing to learn this early on!


I painted the interior of our townhouse and it is mainly unpacked, it sort of feels like we have always been here. I don’t miss the old neighbourhood and still see my friends from the other side of the city. When we came to look at this townhouse it immediately felt like home. Even empty and with fixes still on the go, I felt centred as soon as I walked in. I hope we never have to move again.

Earlier I mentioned that the general vibe is different on this side of the city…. and it is! Calgary’s areas all have a very distinct feel and I adore that about this city- it’s diversity in people and atmosphere. I was talking to another mom at my kid’s school and they moved from the north side of Calgary six years ago, and she said the exact same thing. It’s not that one side or part of the city has a better vibe than any other side or part of it, it is just distinctly unique. It is hard to explain. If you live in Calgary, do you know what I mean? Do you agree?

The boxes in the basement are calling….I have more to go through and really have to get them done so that we can set up the rest of the house. What are you up to today?


Have you moved recently? It seems everyone I talk to just moved or is moving now! How did the move go? 

Do your kids like school? When they don’t want to go, what do you say to them to convince them they want to go? Or do you homeschool? 

Hey, #yyc! Where do you live in Calgary? Do you love it? Share below. 


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