Adulting is Hard: Help Our Cat Get a New Home

My heart is breaking but, being an adult, I have to make the hard choice and do what is right for my family and my pet.

Thorin no longer gets along with our older cat, Kali.  So we have tried everything and have come to the conclusion that Thorin needs to be the only cat in the household, which isn’t possible here. He just keeps fighting with Kali and fighting for dominance in the household.

Kali is old, and odd, and vocal, and quirky and wouldn’t survive being in a new home.

Thorin is lovable and soft and independent but cuddly and would thrive in a new home.

So we have to rehome him. So if you are in Calgary or Saskatchewan, I could get him to you if you are interested in adopting him. If you are in the Calgary area, please help by sharing this post or the link below:

Lovable Cat Thorin Needs New Home


Thank you in advance. This is such a hard choice for me, but I know he would be happier in a new home and I can’t wait to find him the right fit in a new loving home.


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