My Pants Are Tight, I’ve Gained Weight….and Perspective

Omigosh, my pants are tight. I’ve gained weight. Not a big deal….just have to get back on track. Or at least, that is what I am telling myself.

We read a great kid’s book the other day, (hang with me, it ties in) called Virginia Wolf. It perfectly explains the “doldrums”, as the author puts it. I felt that last month. And I gave up, just like Virginia in the story. I was crabby and isolated myself. I stopped working out and I reached for comfort foods a LOT.  I justified it by skipping my first snack of the day, which only caused me to indulge more at night. I also didn’t move much during the day….anyway it added up to 8 lbs in one month and if I keep on going I will be 230 lbs again, cuz it is a slippery, disastrous road and I have been there….and it is full of back pain and aching muscles and depression.

I highly recommend this book with its great writing and gorgeous artwork.


I have a million great excuses for not working out…my knees creak and my muscles ache and my digestion is off and I think I am developing another pinched nerve in my back….but all of those symptoms are from being sedentary and over-eating. My gym is downstairs so even my excuse of not having the time sucks.

I work a lot. I need to work less…so I apologize in advance if my blog posts are A LOT shorter in the next month, but I have to focus on making exercising a part of my day again, even when it seems impossible. I may even have to start getting up at 5:30-6am again….YUCK. I also have to focus on my Etsy store, but the update of it may be further in the future than I anticipated…but that’s okay, too. I can’t go back to short breaths, no clothes that fit, higher risk of depression and heart disease, putting the extra strain on my knees as I gain lbs…..I need to workout and eat right. For me. For the sake of our pocketbooks (cuz who can afford a new wardrobe right now?). For my kids, so I can be around and happy, not in bed with depression cuz I am overweight and eating food that affects my mood negatively. For my husband, so I feel sexy and amorous and like laughing. For me, so I can be present.

So today, I opened up my planner and made a fitness page and a measurements page. I’ll track my inches and what I have eaten and what workout I did that day. I will work out 5 days, no excuses except the full-on flu. I plan to go back on my nighttime snacking plan instead of continuing my mini-meals just before bed. The old plan came from a suggestion in a magazine and is SO EASY: a produce and a protein, such as a pear and a cheese stick or 10 almonds and an apple.

It won’t be easy. As I write this, I didn’t get up early to workout and planned to do it at 11am. It is now noon so I will eat, wait a bit and then do my workout. I work from home so it is a struggle to ignore the work to do the exercise, but it also makes it more pathetic that I don’t find the time since I am in charge of my schedule. Sigh. Like I said, constant struggle. But I am determined. And I have written my plan here so that all of you, my lovely and supportive readers, can keep me accountable. At the end of the month, I will share my progress and perhaps you can share your journey with me!

What’s your fitness story and regime? Share below!! <3


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