Yay, it’s May! Colourful Craft Options

Thankfully, April is over. April is always a low month for me and I am not sure why. I am just glad it is May! Hopefully, we have a lot of sunny days ahead and we can leave the gray skies and the snow and rain behind. In celebration of summer coming up, I feel suddenly inspired to make colourful crafts!

I haven’t made any crafts in a while, but here are some of my favourite options:

Image courtesy of: marthastewart.com

  1. My love of modern boho style has me constantly drawn to the idea of tassels. I read somewhere that they were thought to protect people from evil spirits. Perhaps this is why the beds on Downton Abbey have them? Or maybe they are there because they also symbolized power and prestige. Whatever the reason, I am obsessed with the idea of making a bunch of them and creating a wall hanging or maybe just make an impressive one and have it be my keychain ornament. My favourite tassel tutorial is on Martha Stewart’s website and you can find it HERE.

    Image courtesy of: abeautifulmess.com

  2. DIY bathroom products are common, but one of the prettiest ones I have found is the Gradient Soap Bars I saw on A Beautiful Mess. Truly stunning, I hope to attempt them myself sometime! You can find the DIY instructions HERE.

    Image courtesy of: http://icreatived.com/

  3. Hygge is the buzz word of the moment and what could be more hygge than a giant, plush, rainbow-coloured carpet made of pom-poms? Nothing, right? Plus, it helps to bring summer inside with all of it’s bright, beautiful colours. You can find the tutorial HERE.

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