Hello Kitty Snapchat Filter Makes Dreams Come True

Dreams can come true!

When I was really little, maybe 5 or 6 years old, I was given a Hello Kitty colour-changing washcloth. Hello Kitty was in a hot air balloon with her pet cat. I remember thinking, “It’s so cool that the little girl dresses as a cat and HAS a pet cat!” Cuz why would a cat have a PET cat….but I was later corrected to seeing Hello Kitty as a cat outright….and looking at her hands or feet, that made sense to me. Now, they say that 5 year old me was partly right, so now I am thoroughly confused.

I have been a fan since that day in the bath, when Hello Kitty’s bow changed colours in the warm water. I remember aahing over how cute she was…. and that love never went away. Oh, nostalgia.

Hello Kitty kept cropping up in my life. As an older child, maybe 8 or 9 years old, they would put the dubbed version of the Japanese Hello Kitty cartoon on TV, which made me a bigger fan: and, when I taught English in Japan in 2001, I was surrounded by HK merch. Once again, I was enthralled and remain a fan to this day.

So when Snapchat put up a Hello Kitty filter, I squealed like the super nerd I am…..and took a million photos which I saved with a million screenshots. Look at my family, being so accommodating…..

What childhood cartoon characters did you love? Do you still love them?

What cartoon characters do you connect with now? 

What shows from your childhood do you rewatch? For me it is She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, Gummi Bears and Batman….would love to hear yours! 

Happy Friday Everyone!


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