Being Sick and Parenting

Last week I had to pretend I had super powers. Being very sick and feeling like a zombie, I lurched myself through the week in a daze. Twice I nearly fell asleep in my lunch, and Hunter had to ask me what I was doing, and if I was looking at my lunch “real close”. LOL. But I survived it and managed to be an okay mom to my kids at the same time! I also managed to drop off the fairy garden I had made for a friend in her yard (more about that next week), and I managed to be a mom to my kids, but barely, and I was grateful Izzy wanted to finish her Judy Blume novel and Hunter wanted to finish his Lego creation.

Thank goodness for my husband’s flexible job hours so that he could be home to make supper for us every night- heavy on the garlic, please. I was just starting to feel okay and I got my period, which meant I felt very out of it again, and very sore, in so many ways. Of course, that same day, Hunter got the flu and projectile vomited at kindergarten three- not once, but three- times. Teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with that, believe me. We got through the next two days, somehow. This weekend I kept it really chill, hoping to kick out the rest of my cold. Now all that is left is allergies, which is a relief, believe me.

Dragging my zombie self around last week made me actually miss working out and being able to keep up with my kids. This week I woke up with a renewed sense of purpose. I decided I will pick up my healthy habits again, which I have basically dropped since we went to Cuba. I will do my best in my workouts and give it my ALL. I will be more active with my kids and eat better ….and maybe that will help my skin clear up, which got really bad during my horrendous cold. I will drink water instead of juice or tea with sugar. I am back at it. I am not sure where the renewed sense of purpose and vigor comes from, but I am glad my motivation is back. I made a point of telling my husband, Josh, that I wanted to get back on track and start doing morning workouts again while eating better. He helped me get out of bed this morning when I kept pushing snooze. Pushed me out of bed basically. He’s the best.

Speaking of Josh- it’s his 32nd birthday today! We are celebrating by having a chill night at home, just the 4 of us, and maybe some family games. His birthday is right after Father’s Day, so we celebrated yesterday too. He got some Lego and some Lush stuff, and we just sat and assembled Lego and played video games and watched TV. That night, i crocheted and watched Josh play The Last of Us. Which sounds odd, but was extremely entertaining. It was a good day.

When Josh and I met, we were in our 20’s and now he is turning 32. He gets more wonderful as he gets older. More handsome, kind, patient, caring and a better father every single second of every day. Growing old with him day by day is the best and I can’t wait to celebrate him today.



On a sad note, I would like to have a moment of silence for Anton Yelchin, who died this weekend. He was an amazing actor, one of those timeless greats that made any role seem effortless and shine. He was my favourite actor and I was looking forward to seeing what he would do. We miss your talent and your smile.

Anton Yelchin; on April 19, 2014 in New York City. Image courtesy of Google Search

Anton Yelchin; on April 19, 2014 in New York City.
Image courtesy of Google Search


I don’t want to leave it on such a somber note, but it feels wrong to continue after that. Until Friday…..


Ti x



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