Mother’s Day Weekend AND My Sixth Wedding Anniversary

I hope all of you momma’s had an enormously good Mother’s Day Weekend. I spent a lot of it wondering how the mothers from Fort McMurray were holding up, and if the Syrian refugee mothers would be celebrated somehow. Let’s keep them in our thoughts. I donated to both causes this weekend, not sure how I could handle such a tragedy. Especially since my weekend was the opposite- my weekend was exquisite.

I spent Saturday finishing up cleaning and shopping for my husband’s anniversary present. I was on a budget but found a suitable present within my budget. Just those two things took up the whole day! Even though our wedding anniversary wasn’t until the 8th, we decided to exchange presents a day early. So, Saturday evening Josh and I gave each other our gifts. The sixth anniversary is iron or sugar so I gave Josh a tank top with Iron Man on it (get it? hahaha) and hedgehog chocolates from Purdy’s. Josh got me something

I’ve been asking for – weights! I was really excited. I have been using our 10 lb weights, but need a bit heavier to up my gains. I can’t wait to use them. Josh

Six Years

Six Years

and I were so tired from cleaning the house that we decided on a movie to watch. Together we fully enjoyed watching Mistress America on Netflix. I ADORE Greta Gerwig and it was a good movie. Clever, sad, tragic, insightful. The clever social insights and banter reminded me of Woody Allen or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Greta’s character, Brooke, is a modern Holly Golightly. I recommend you watch it.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, was just as lovely. Even though the phone ringing woke me, I was able to half-doze afterward for a little while longer and then Isabella ‘woke’ me to ask when I would like breakfast. The kids picked the menu and brought it up to me with Josh’s help. Cranberry juice in our good crystal, coffee, delicious scrambled eggs, a piece of gluten-free honeyed ham, a banana and lime Greek yogurt. I was so hungry, and the smell was so enticing, but the kids piled their gifts next to me and I was so charmed that I opened those first. I got the best gifts from them. I nearly cried. Izzy wrote me reasons she loves me on coloured paper and at the end was a heart that said I bring colour to her world. Hunter painted me a picture and they both gave me BEAUTIFUL handmade cards. I see an expert hand in their artwork. They have amazing artistic instincts. I am better with words than with pictures. They get the artist touch from Josh’s Grandma and from my father’s eccentric side. I was truly impressed and touched. Josh got me a Lush gift basket that smelled heavenly. Pear and myrrh and mandarin- delightful.  I ate my breakfast in bed (such a treat!) while the kids told me stories and how they made their presents at school. Izzy even gave me an extra card she had written up at home. She has such a sweet soul. I was left to finish my meal and my book eventually, and the rest in my bed was such a rare occurrence that I savoured every moment. Every so often my kids would run in to tell me a joke or give me a hug. They make my heart smile. After I finished my book, I was so eager to use my Lush stuff that I had a bath. I cut my Honey Bee bath bomb in half and added it with my new Sunny Side bubble bar. They were delightful together. I felt like a shimmery mermaid in my tub of yellow gold. So many sparkles! Everything is better with glitter and my skin was deliciously soft after. I stayed in the bath all morning. It was too beautiful to want to get out. Plus, I have the new Wally Lamb book on my Kobo and the riveting read made it hard to stop gobbling up his delicious words. It’s typical Lamb, but I love it for that. After the bath, I was so hungry and went down to eat leftover spaghetti and meatballs with the family. I was inspired in my bath to continue my short story, so managed to sneak away for 45 minutes to write.

The kids tidied their rooms and I was done writing. Supper at the country club with Josh’s family wasn’t until 6pm, so the kids and I used a gluten-free mix to make chocolate cupcakes. Then we all got dressed up and went out for dinner. Wearing make-up is so rare for me that I took a million photos of us all prettied up! Dinner was amazing and there were over 10 gluten-free options, including sushi without the glutinous rice.

Gluten-free food! Sushi was the fave.

Gluten-free food! Sushi was the fave.

I was so excited that I ate until my skirt was tight and I thought I would never move again. The food I paired with a delicious glass of wine, and I had tea and (expertly baked) espresso meringues for dessert……heavenly. The meringues were so well-done that it changed Josh’s mind about them completely. Now he is more of a fan! The dinner went to 8pm and by the time we got home it was 8:30pm. The kids went to bed at 8:45pm and I hope they are staying awake at school.


It was such a perfectly relaxing day. My heart feels bursting to full and I am full of gratitude for such an amazing day and my incredible family. I hope you all had an equally great weekend.

Here are some creative mothers that inspire me to be ambitious and, I hope, will (do?) inspire you:

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