A Day With My Kids.

Today is Monday. The schools here are having a PD Day, where teachers go to learn and the kids stay home from school. My kids ate breakfast for an extra hour and now are running around pretending to be Pokemon characters and dragons. They are hyper! Normally we would have struggled them in to their snow pants, coats, hats and mitts and walked them to school. I would be back home,  having coffee and looking up emails on my phone. Josh would be working from the living room while finishing up a coffee before taking off. Today has been different entirely. Josh has gone off to work early, the kids ate late and I am now catching up on emails and blog posts while they play.

My kids have great imaginations and often play games on their own. I am told not to interrupt them, which is what I do, choosing to finish up chores instead. Yesterday was the weekend, so they got their video game fix, alternating between Mario, Zelda and Professor Layton. Now they will be good until next weekend, when they are allowed to play a day or a couple of hours of video games again. It depends on how they did with their chores for the week. During the week, generally, they have to do their chores and then occupy themselves; books, music, colouring, imaginative play, Lego…. it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t ask to play video games. Those are reserved for the weekend if they have done their after school chores without me hounding them. Izzy and Hunter are rule followers so I have trouble getting them to take a break from chores! If I tell them that today they can take a break and skip doing chores,  they panic a little that they are out of routine. I have different kids, I must admit.

Izzy has taken to saying “That’s so me” and Hunter has begun to make big declarative statements about himself, which is pretty cute. It’s fun to have them home today and eavesdrop on their games; hear their little personalities shine through more and more.

It’s a mild, slightly snowy and gray cloudy day today. I think we have some errands to run, maybe some outdoor play, maybe some indoor crafts. I like the occasional day when I have my munchkins home and we can just flow with the day and do what we feel, without time restrictions. Have a happy Monday everyone. 🙂

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