Why I’m Not Focusing On Halloween

When I tell people I want to be a writer, they scoff and then ask what I REALLY want to be. But that’s all that I love. Anything with words. My children now being in school in the morning means I have a scant two hours to get some writing down, or at least some creative brainstorming. I try to regularly update this blog and I contribute to any site that will publish my work.

But lately, I have hit a wall. I can’t seem to get anything down. As soon as I sit down, all I can think of is, “Where did I put that shirt? Is that craft stuff in the upstairs drawer or the downstairs cabinet? I wonder if this stuff on my desk would fit in the closet, or will I have to move the shoes we never wear?” I literally can’t think of anything else but how much I hate the disorganized feel of our spaces. I can’t even get in the spirit of Halloween or look forward to Christmas at this rate.

We have so much clutter and stuff that I am keeping “for a rainy day” that I am starting to feel claustrophobic in my own house. I feel as if I can’t breathe properly. I figure enough is enough. I am even having stress dreams of being trapped under rubble! I have met my tipping point.

So this next week or so I am going to take a break from my writing – except for, perhaps, the occasional blog post update- and focus on de-cluttering every single inch of this space. My home will never look like a show home, the walls will still be full of pictures and the couch full of pillows with knick-knacks randomly on display, but it will feel like ORGANIZED chaos, rather than a crushing amount of stuff. I am sick of looking one hour for one thing that I “just know is somewhere”. Quality over quantity will be my new mantra.

After? Well, after this, if I see something I like I have to picture the perfect place it can be put, or what thing I can get rid of to bring it in. And I will finally feel like I can breathe again.


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    • Tianna Wynne July 29, 2020 at 12:26

      Hello! I asked Kenzie the Daydreamer to draw it for me. I found her business on Instagram! She does amazing work.

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